AUDIO – Cofield & Co. on phone numbers. Do you have any memorized anymore?

Cellphones have turned our brains to mush. Cofield and Adam discussed the fact that they know ONE and only ONE phone number. So if stranded without access to their cell phones, they’re pretty much screwed if that person doesn’t answer.


Author: Steve Cofield

Host of Cofield & Co., and 3-6p PT slot since 2007. Native of the Jersey Shore. Went to Rutgers. Has worked for Yahoo! Sports and Sporting News Radio. Currently doing shows with SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio and RUSH along with Fox Sports Radio. Las Vegas resident since 1996. Fan of the Yankees, Serena Williams, Jets and RU. Hobbies include making soup, downing jalapeno beer, hooping it up and singing karaoke. Vocal influences include Gene Wilder and Sammy Davis Jr.

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