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3/21 Cofield & Co. Hour 3

Big 5 time with an explosive convo about the NBA peanut butter and jelly sandwich crave. Hot spots around Vegas for the best sundae’s at fast food joints. Sean Spicer kills the media for stealing TB12’s jersey. And Colin Kaepernick isn’t in the league because President Trump might send out an angry tweet when he signs?

3/21 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

A Reno writer makes the case for Eric Musselman to stay on board as Wolf Pack coach. It sounds like he could go to Cal any minute now. A top UNLV pro has been suspended. And the Giants and Jets have very different approaches on the quarterback position.

3/21 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

Round 2 of the fellas bickering about Rest-Gate in the NBA. What can the Commish do? Callers chime it to say the players are screwing over the fans. Those Dutch showmen get screwed at the WBC. And Adam is all about watching Tim Tebow fail in baseball. So the fella running the @greenvilledrive Twitter account.

3/20 Cofield & Co. Hour 3

A stinky program in the Big 10 is trying to ride the coat tails of the Big 10’s success in the NCAA Tournament. A rowdy fan was protected by the NCAA at one of the regionals. Why? It was the wife of Wichita coach Gregg Marshall. Round 1! Ding! Ding! Cofield and Adam brawl over rest-gate around the NBA.

3/20 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

Nevada coach Eric Musselman has to decide between Reno, Baton Rouge and Berkley. Two more flat earthers to discuss. Should one be denied acceptance at Cal. The streets are safe! The FBI, working with the Texas State Rangers, have found Tom Brady’s jersey thief somewhere in Mexico.

3/20 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

Duke got royally screwed with a road game in its contest versus South Carolina. Feel bad for Coach K? He did warn everyone about the NC bathroom law! Steve Alford has a decision to make. Reports say he’s been offered 7yr-$31 million by Indiana to leave UCLA.

3/17 Cofield & Co. Hour 3

The Big 5 includes devastating news for Patriots Nation as Julian Edelman gets dumped for a New York baseball player. The likable Rex Ryan signs on with ESPN. The unlikable Ryan Braun complains that spring training is too long. And what will Steve Alford do? Bail on UCLA for Indiana or stick around to coach the other Ball Brothers?