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Hour 1: NFL & Gambling: 3/29/17

Greeny & Golic talked about the impact of the Raiders moving to Las Vegas, the importance of resting and Adam Silver on having a female head coach in the NBA

Vegas Baby: 3/28/17

Greeny & Golic discuss the Raiders moving to Las Vegas and the impact of that and they chat with Dick Vitale about the NCAA Tournament. Plus, Ken Griffey Jr.

Hour 3: Las Vegas: 3/28/17

Greeny & Golic chatted with Sal Paolantonio about the Raiders moving to Vegas and issues with it. Plus, Stugotz

And Then There Were Four: 3/27/17

Greeny & Golic discuss the NCAA Tournament and teams advancing to the Final Four and Raiders on the move. Plus they chatted with Roy Williams, Frank Martin & Darius Rucker

Hour 3: Final Four: 3/27/17

Greeny & Golic talk to Seth Greenberg & Jay Bilas about the Final Four. Plus the impact of the Raiders moving to Las Vegas