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3/28 Mitch and Pritch Hour Three

Mitch and Pritch kick off the third hour with our weekly chat “Tuesday’s With Steph” with Steph MacKenzie from 97.1 The Point and she’s got a bone to pick with Mitch, several in fact, as he’s wearing a bandwagon Raiders shirt the day after relocation.  Later, MP discussed the comments from Vegas Golden Knights Owner Bill Foley after the Raiders officially entered the market.

3/28 Mitch and Pritch Hour Two

Mitch and Pritch examine how several NFL players expressed their opinions of Las Vegas and how others can be lured by it’s excess.  Later, MP discussed how the NFL market will be actually realized with NFL Agent Steve Caric and more stories on what’s next for the Stadium construction.

3/28 Mitch And Pritch Hour One

Mitcha nd Pritch begin Hour One with reaction a day after the Raiders official relocation to Vegas, later MP is joined by NFL Hall Of Fame Wide Receiver Tim Brown and his thoughts on Las Vegas.  Also, Bernie Fratto joined the fray on the long standing conflict between the NFL and Las Vegas.

3/28 Mitch And Pritch Steph MacKenzie Int.

In an emotional “Tuesday’s With Steph” as the dust settles following the Radiers relocation to Las Vegas, Steph is clearly pissed at Mitch who is now trying to jump on the Silver and Black Bandwagon.  Follow on Twitter @StephMacKenzie7

3/28 Mitch and Pritch Steve Caric Int.

NFL Agent, Steve Caric joined Mitch and Pritch to describe how NFL players will look at playing in Las Vegas, as well as, how the Raiders relocation changes the Las Vegas market.  Follow on twitter @CaricSportsMGT

3/28 Mitch And Pritch Tim Brown Int.

NFL Hall Of Fame Wide Receiver and Raiders Legend, Tim Brown joined Mitch and Pritch and discussed his thoughts on the Silver and Black in Las Vegas, how the fans get an unfair reputation and how unique it will be for a contending team to move it’s home base.  Follow on Twitter @81TimBrown

3/27 Mitch And Pritch Tony Sanchez Int.

UNLV Head Football Coach Tony Sanchez joined Mitch and Pritch and discussed how the Raiders relocation helps attract student athletes to UNLV, as well as, how the new stadium could ascend the program to a Power 5 conference.  Follow Tony on Twitter @UNLVSanchez

3/27 Mitch and Pritch Hour Three

The guys talk to FOX 5’s Kevin Bollinger live from Phoenix where the NFL just announced the relocation of the Raiders to Las Vegas. UNLV gets to play in the new 65k stadium. A pumped up Rebels football coach Tony Sanchez chimes in too.

3/27 Mitch & Pritch Hour Two

The overwhelming support of the Raiders moving to Vegas continues to pour in on the phones. One of the voices of the Raiders, JT the Brick pops on to talk about how fired up he’s getting to see his Silver and Black in Vegas.