AUDIO- Casey Jacobsen believes either Arizona or USC will win the Pac-12 Tournament

An FS1 and Pac-12 Network analyst, Jacobsen says the Wildcats may be a dirty program but that doesn’t mean they can’t close the season with a bang.

Jacobsen talks Arizona explaining “They’re not elite defensively. However, they check all the boxes that you need to be a Final Four contending team.” He adds, “They have Sean Miller, I do believe he is a very good coach and good enough to get to the Final Four.”

Regarding the adversity in the media that Arizona has faced, Jacobsen states, “Maybe this team can rise up to another level. I know if I was a player on Arizona’s team I would absolutely be using everything that’s been happening in Arizona’s universe as gasoline on my fire. I expect a very passionate Arizona Basketball team.”

Jacobsen also weighs in on his thoughts regarding the piece that initially ignited the Arizona media chaos and his thoughts on the validity of the article.

(Photo via/New York Post)

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