AUDIO- Greg Wyshynski says he believes the Golden Knights will prevail over the LA Kings in NHL Playoffs

The ESPN Senior NHL writer joins Steve Cofield & Adam Hill to discuss the Vegas Golden Knights first round NHL Playoff match-up against the LA Kings.

Wyshynski states, ““I am one of the people who believes the Vegas Golden Knights will prevail over the LA Kings in the first round.”

Wyshynski also discusses the dynamics at play in this match-up, “The fascinating thing is you’re dealing with a team that didn’t exist last year going up against a team that three years ago was in dynasty mode. It’s a team that’s completely new to this against a team that’s trying to climb back onto the throne.”

He also shares his pick for the winner of the 2018 Stanley Cup, “I just think top to bottom they’re the best team in hockey” Wyshynski states of the Nashville Predators.

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(Photo via/USA TODAY)