AUDIO- Molly Sullivan discusses Philadelphia 76ers off-season, LeBron James free agency

The sideline reporter for NBCS Philadelphia joins Steve Cofield and Adam Hill to talk about Bryan Colangelo’s exit from the Philadelphia 76ers and LeBron’s free agency destinations.

Sullivan notes that ownership is going to lead the front to recover from the firing of Colangelo and will actively pursue LeBron James.

Sullivan discusses Philly’s long-awaited return to the NBA playoffs, “You look at the 24 game improvement,  the 16 game win streak to end off the season. There is no magic potion for the team. Props to Coach Brett Brown.”

Sullivan notes the environment after Colangelo’s exit, “Colangelo is a tough situation. I sympathize with the family. It’s unfortunate, it’s sad, it’s bizarre…but it is what it is. Ownership is going to trump that and look forward to the off-season.”

Sullivan analyzes the demeanor of the 76ers organization, “The people here are hard-workers, no nonsense…Incredibly savvy people that know basketball and know their team.”

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(Photo via/Cavs Nation)