AUDIO- Al Bernstein discusses Khabib vs. Conor in UFC 229, Boxing

The Hall of Fame Boxing analyst with Showtime joins Steve Cofield & Ryan McKinnell on Cofield & Company to discuss the fight here in Las Vegas tomorrow.

Bernstein says, “This fight is such a huge fight & one that resonates for so many different reasons. Conor McGregor has become an even more controversial figure than he was before & Khabib is just terrific. This is a 50/50 match.”

Bernstein adds, “What makes this fight fun is you do not have to be a brilliant mixed martial arts analyst or pundit to know what makes this fight special. There’s a pretty clear cut path to victory for each man & that’s part of what makes this so fascinating.”

Bernstein talks about the changes in the world of boxing, “Boxing has so many platforms now.”

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(Photo via/Daily Express)