AUDIO- Jeremy Roenick talks Diamond Resorts’ Tournament of Champions, VGK & Gritty

The Former NHL player and current NBC Sports broadcaster joins Steve Cofield & Adam Hill on Cofield & Company to discuss Diamond Resorts pairing up with the LPGA for the Tournament of Champions. Roenick also takes an early look at the NHL season, talks Golden Knights and Gritty.

Roenick says, “Diamond Resorts is teaming up with the LPGA & it’s going to be ‘The LPGA Tournament of Champions.’ For us celebrities we get the chance to play with the best women golfers in the world, especially over the last two years.”

Roenick adds, “We’re so excited to be merging with the LPGA Tour. Diamond Resorts, they put on one heck of a tournament, you want to talk about professional tournaments? Diamond Resorts does it first class and I’m one of the lucky 45 celebrities to be part of it and tomorrow we’re going to be there to announce it to the world.”

Roenick says of Gritty, “At first Gritty scared the crap out of me, the first time I saw him, I really thought it was a joke. I thought somebody was playing a joke on me. But I was a Flyer and a lot of times we won ugly, we won not being pretty and if there’s anything that Gritty is it’s ugly. So maybe the Flyers have to win ugly this year, they have a crazy mascot leading the way. So, I’m going to give it a thumbs up after thinking about it for about a week and a half.”

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For information on the Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions click here.

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