Don’t Hate the Greatness

By: TC Martin

What is it about sports dynasties that people can’t stand?  The age old argument is that fans don’t like to see the same team winning year after year.  Whether it’s the modern day Patriots or Yankees of old, its amazing that fans love to see good teams lose.

The NBA has had their share of dynasties from the Celtics of yesteryear or the Bulls of the 90’s, but the current model of consistency known as the Golden State Warriors, are despised by fans outside of the Bay Area.  We hear it all the time, let’s root for anybody but them.

Sports enthusiasts would rather see an underdog or a lesser team win than witnessing greatness year after year.  This has been the case the last few years as Golden State have been the class of the NBA,  Besides winning back to back titles, the organization has done it with class. The Warriors have a collection of tremendous talent and don’t have any off the court issues like we see with so many other teams.

When Kevin Durant didn’t want to re-sign with Oklahoma City after his contract expired in 2017,  he signed with the Warriors.  Many NBA fans were irate because they felt the rich get richer.  Durant has fit in with Golden State like a glove and now he doesn’t want to play anywhere else.  But he still feels that he gets grief from opposing and former players and fans and still doesn’t get the respect because he chose the  Warriors.

The beauty of this team is that they are so unselfish.  Watching the Warriors play is like watching a well choreographed play.  This team is led by a skinny six foot guard who is one of the best that has ever played.  Stephen Curry is a magician who orchestrates a team that plays basketball like no one else.  The Warriors are successful simply because players buy into the unselfish system and play the game the right way.

It’s sad that our society continues to dismiss dynasties.  As years go by, hopefully people will look back and appreciate teams like this.  But in the present, people hate.  For no other reason than wanting to see someone different hold up a championship trophy every other season. In reality, it seems like a juvenile concept.  My suggestion is: Instead of hate, embrace the greatness.