AUDIO- Giants radio voice Howard Cross says Eli Manning could’ve been good this year had it not been for his poor offensive line

The Super Bowl Champion and current Giants analyst joins Steve Cofield & Ryan McKinnell on ESPN Las Vegas to discuss the Giants win last night and Eli Manning’s future.

Cross shares his love for Eli Manning and shares his main concern should Manning choose to return for another year, “I just don’t want anybody get hurt.”

Cross adds, “In some cases I’ve seen in the past, he could have gotten hurt. Guys running free at him. He’s not getting ‘kind of hit’. The NFL can’t name the hits he’s getting, guys aren’t getting fined for it, it’s  like ‘well he just couldn’t get out of the way, there’s nothing we could do about it,’ no flag. That’s how bad he’s getting hit sometimes.”

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(Photo via/Giants Wire)


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