AUDIO – Nate Boyer on his MVP program for veterans and retired athletes

The former NFL player and Army Green Beret explained the mission of his charity to Cofield & Co.

Merging Veterans and Players was started by Boyer, Randy Couture and Jay Glazer.

“We have ex-athletes — football players, fighters, basketball, volleyball, whatever — with combat vets,” Glazer told the L.A. Times. “If you put them together and get the burn going, it gets the endorphins pumping and you’re a little more vulnerable when you start talking. A lot of these guys have been blown up. We’ve had vets who can’t walk at all. We’ve had guys who are angry at their injuries. We put every elephant here, right in the room. When the roommates in your head are starting to talk, we’re here to quiet them down.”

During his six years of service, Boyer, had tours for the Army in Afghanistan and Iraq. He also understands the athlete side of equation after playing football at Texas and in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks.

Listen to Boyer with Steve and Adam Candee.

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Photo courtesy L.A. Times


Author: Steve Cofield

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