VIDEO – Cofield & Co. rage over the return of the dreaded ‘poop vandal’ in the Midwest

Carry around your sanitizer or even better, be prepared to open all doors with gloves on.

There’s another moron in the Midwest leaving his feces all over the place. This time it’s in Chicago.

A masked man is smearing poop on Bridgeport homes and cars — and sometimes hiding it under car door handles so the victims can’t see it. It’s happened a least a dozen times in recent weeks, with one person even catching the vandal on video as he rubbed poop — either human or dog; no one’s sure — on her car late in May.

ESPN Las Vegas legal insider Justin Watkins tackled this story for Cofield and Company. This is a serious crime! And the poop smearing idiot could face lots of time behind bars.


This isn’t the first poop vandal.

Michigan was terrorized back in 2014 by another creepo, who was defecating on slides at local parks.

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Author: Steve Cofield

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