VIDEO – Should the Knicks give a max. deal to Kevin Durant?

Former Knicks pre and post-game host Brandon Tierney says Kevin Durant ISN’T worth a max. contract anymore.

Tierney, who actually suffered a ruptured achilles himself, told Cofield & Co. that the Knicks need to stay patient.

He says they’re set up nicely for the future and there’s no need to make a risky move like giving KD a 4 yr-$164 mill deal.

Hell, Durant may only be 100-percent for 2 1/2 years of the deal.

BT says the prudent move for Durant is to opt into his final year with the Warriors for $31 million. Rehabbing with familiar doctors is a better option over moving cross country and going through the process with an entirely new medical team.

Photo courtesy N.Y. Post

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