AUDIO – Frank Caliendo Interview on Jon Gruden Impressions, “I Put Myself Out There”

Acclaimed Comedian and Renowned Impressionist. Frank Caliendo joined Ed and Clay on The Press Box Morning Show and discussed his various voices, like Raiders Coach Jon Gruden and how the ability to quickly create voices causes both audiences and show writers to force his work, instead of allowing him to develop them normally.

“Human jukebox is difficult.  It’s like magicians.   People just want the next magic trick.  But with David Copperfield, you’re going to see David Copperfield, so I want to be the David Copperfield of Impressions.  I put myself out there, I know where that’s from.  That’s why I did “Hard Knocks”.  But I’ll go on a TV show and they’ll rewrite the part for me to do the voices…can’t I just have a part of me that develops a character on a show? ”

However, Frank provided a great perspective on how audiences have followed the social media outrage over being offended at the very comedy designed to make you laugh and the decision he made to change the way he engages on Twitter.

And Voices?  Oh yeah — Frank delighted us with Jon Gruden, Jay Gruden, Former President George W. Bush, Jerry Jones, Terry Bradshaw, Charles Barkley, Morgan Freeman and Guardians Of The Galaxy with Tom Hiddleston among many other gems!  Also, Clay gets buried, multiple times in this interview, which is fine. CLICK BELOW & LISTEN!

Frank appears at Aliante Access Showroom on Friday 10/18 and Orleans Showroom Sat 10/19 FrankCaliendo.Com