AUDIO – Chris Townsend is looking at the Raiders as a playoff contender, as long as they survive these next two games.

The perception of the Raiders has changed significantly over the last couple of weeks, from a rough start early in the season, to being considered for a playoff run.

Chris Townsend is a sideline reporter for the Raiders, and he joined us on Cofield & Co. to talk about the Raiders, who suddenly look like a very competitive team this season, coming off back to back wins over the Colts and the Bears. Townsend says you can call them a fringe playoff team if you want, but that in their minds, they are definitely contenders.

Townsend also told Adam Hill the Raiders will be ok despite their next two games being difficult matchups.

Full interview can be heard here (20:48 mark)

Chris Townsend is a sideline reporter and producer on both the Raiders and Athletics radio networks.
Twitter – @townsendradio
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