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Arizona locks him up:


The Chargers bolt up:

Look who is going to Washington:

An Apple in the desert:


The Dolphins start Wednesday with Karras signing:

The Bucs get Brady:


Teddy heading to The Big Easy:

Cowboys keep their man:

Washington grabs a former Bolt:

The Raiders keep making moves:


The Giants look to get bigger:

The Bills lock up Poyer:


The Bengals don’t bungle this one:

Welcome Jason Witten to Clark County:

The Panthers get a new signal caller:


The Dolphins keep on signing players:

Titans add to their defense:

From the frozen tundra to LA:

Taking all his kids to Indy:

Getting close to a deal:

The Dolphins add to their defense:


The 49ers are bringing back Ronald Blair on 1 year deal:

UPDATE: According to Cam Newton’s comment on Instagram, it’s the team that is pushing for his trade, not Newton.

One of the biggest dominoes in the NFL offseason has fallen:

Brady says goodbye to New England:

In other NFL free agency news:

Cam Newton may be on the move:

The Saints lock up Drew Brees:

Josh Allen gets another target:

Amari Cooper stays in Dallas:


While the world of sports and fans sit in suspense for an eager return to play, the NFL moves forward with stunning trade decisions.

In the midst of trades, the NFL released a memo to all teams, updating rules for free-agency while also postponing off-season training.


The NFL free agency opened on March 16 with an abrupt trade of talent between the Cardinals and Texans.

Texans: DeAndre Hopkins &  Bradley Roby 

Houston traded off key play-maker and franchise icon, DeAndre Hopkins(WR) , in exchange for Arizona’s David Johnson(RB) and a second-round pick for 2020.

“NFL Free Agency tracker: Hooper to the Browns, DeAndre Hopkins traded, and more”


The Texans also made a deal to keep Bradley Roby(CB) as he returns from his 2019 hamstring injury for another three years in Houston at $36 million.


Colts claim DeForest Buckner

The Colts made a trade with the 49ers exchanging their first-round pick for DeForest Buckner(DT). The All-Pro player agreed to a contract salary of $21 million a year, making him the second-highest paid DT in the NFL’s history.


The Final Three: Talks continue for Tom Brady

Talks of Tom Brady’s free agency has circled for months now. As teams bow out, three franchises remain a consideration according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network.

The Chargers, Buccaneers and Patriots are now in proper talks with Brady(QB) and his agent Don Yee, however, time will soon tell if there are other contenders still at play.


Devin McCourty(S) re-signs with Patriots

McCourty has proven his worth to the Pats over the last decade and re-signed with the team with a two year, $23 million agreement.


Ereck Flowers goes zero to one hundred

A year and a half ago, Flowers was cut from the New York Giants and was considered a total bust for the 2020 trade.

Now, he’s negotiated a three year, $30 million contract with Miami. The Dolphins came into the draft with the largest salary cap to work with and now they’re banking on Flowers to deliver.

The Dolphins are spending huge in day one in order to get some big ticket players.


Jack Conklin signs with the Browns



Here are some the top free agents that we’re keeping an ear out for:



Dak Prescott (QB) – Staying with the Cowboys: Franchise Tag

Byron Jones (CB) – Traded to the Dolphins: $82.5 million, five years

Chris Jones (DT) – Staying with the Chiefs: Franchise Tag

Arik Armstead (Edge) – Staying with the 49ers: $85 million, five years

Shaquil Barrett (Edge) – Staying with the Buccaneers: Franchise Tag

Kyle Van Noy (LB) – Traded to the Dolphins: $51 million, four years

Justin Simmons (S) – Staying with the Broncos: Franchise Tag

Yannick Ngakoue (Edge)  – Staying with the Jaguars: Franchise Tag

A.J. Green (WR) – Staying with the Bengals: Franchise Tag

Ryan Tannehill (QB) – Staying with the Titans: $118 million, four years

Derrick Henry (RB) – Staying with the Titans: Franchise Tag

Anthony Harris (S) – Staying with the Vikings: Franchise Tag

Matt Judson (Edge) – Staying with the Ravens: Franchise Tag

Joe Thuney (OG) – Staying with the Patriots: Franchise Tag



Drew Brees (QB) – Saints to… ???

Tom Brady (QB) – Patriots to… ???

Philip Rivers (QB) – Chargers to… ???

Jadeveon Clowney (Edge) – Seahawks to… ???

Amari Cooper (WR) – Cowboys to… ???

Everson Griffen (Edge) – Vikings to… ???


With each trade there are still rumors circling the block. Assumptions have been made that the Cincinnati Bengals may trade for quarterback Andy Dalton.

The Washington Redskins are still seeking  exchange for Trent Williams (OT). Williams (former number four pick overall) sat for the 2019 season and is said to be seeking $20million annually. CBS Sports’ Cody Benjamin wrote that five teams are considering the tackle including the Texans, Cardinals, Jests and Browns.


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