AUDIO – Corey Williams “I just don’t see a way, minus a vaccine, that you’re gonna get 100,000 people at a Michigan football game, this fall/”

College sports is making its return, starting with football. Will there be fans at these games?

Corey Williams (ESPN – CFB/CBB) joined us on Cofield & Co. and shared his expertise on the subject as both a CFB analyst and as someone who works in the insurance industry. Williams doesn’t think there will be fans unless there is a vaccine and the once the public health policy will legally allow it.

Williams says it’s all up to the lawyers and health professionals and based on that, he doesn’t see there being fans at games for a while.

We also got Williams’ feedback on the Last Dance documentary and Steve Kerr, who he also went to college with.

Full interview can be heard here (10:27 mark)

Twitter – @collegecorey

Photo courtesy of wolverineswire.usatoday

Author: Ari

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