AUDIO – Eric Karros on the Astros cheating scandal and last night’s melee, “Baseball made a statement. Joe Kelly received an eight-game suspension for not hitting anybody.”

The MLB season is already seeing its fair share of drama. The Marlins now have 18 teammates who tested positive for covid but last night, all the focus was on Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly.

Eric Karros (former Dodgers 1B) joined us on Cofield & Co. to discuss the MLB season and the challenges in having teams with many players testing positive for covid.

We also discussed the Astros cheating scandal and how it currently still affects the league, as evidenced by Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly intentionally throwing a pitch at Alex Bregman in last night’s LA/Houston game.

Karros said it would be an entirely different situation if not for the pandemic and many other things happening in the world today.

Full interview can be heard here (23:43 mark)

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