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LOW AND OUTSIDE EPISODE 006 THE HALL OF MEDIOCRE (but at least we didn’t do steroids)

So, tell me…did you watch the whole five hours of the MLB Hall Of Fame ceremonies last weekend? Of course you didn’t, you have a life. Can you imagine sitting there for five hours listening to these former ballplayers yammering on and on and on about their long past glory days? Hell, if you get lucky, one or two might start sobbing or something. God, who the hell has time for more than like 90 seconds of this drivel? Just give me the gist on Sportscenter or whatever and let’s get on with it.

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Cambage Does it Big!

Las Vegas got a big win today over a formidable opponent, the Minnesota Lynx, to improve to 12-6. A’ja Wilson’s absence was felt, especially in the 2nd half, but the ladies pulled it together for a much needed 79-74 victory. Las Vegas mostly played well as a team, but it was Liz Cambage who shined the most in today’s Aces win.

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