Choose Your Fate at 4:
Melo to GSW is bad?
Donnell Pumphrey punks Magic Johnson on twitter
It’s Twexit time

A deep dive into Steve’s road trip movies fascination!

Good Times:
Sammy Hagar anti-masker
Jay Cutler’s chicken predicament

UFC 209 loses its most intriguing fight because of a weigh-cutting snafu. Golden State looks terrible in its first game without Kevin Durant, but former UNLV star Pat McCaw looks great. College football is back. UNLV coach...
Big 5 time with an update on Purdue’s big center Isaac Haas and his voracious appetite. Adam Hill gives the audience the rules of fast good ordering. Vontaze Burfict AIN’T going to the Raiders. And Cubs broadcaster...
Cofield & Ryan McKinnell kick off the show discussing last night’s Thursday Night Football match-up and the National Anthem performance by Boyz II Men. Cofield, McKinnell & Chrissy share their NFL predictions for the season. Chuck Powell...