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Best Of: Greg Cote

On today’s show, is LeBron James a compiler?

Hour 3: The Club

Stugotz makes fun of Chris for planning a vacation Masters weekend and we open up the club!

Hour 2: Tim Kurkjian

Stugotz and Greg Cote are joined by Tim Kurkjian and we update our March Sadness tournament.

Hour 1: Wake and Take

It is Wake and Take on a Friday! Stugotz and Greg Cote discuss the NCAA tournament and we try to find valuable Cheetos.

Local Hour: Spring Break

Le Batard, Greg Cote and the shipping container discuss Spring Break on South Beach and Inter Miami playing in Fort Lauderdale.

Best Of: Izzy Gutierrez

On today’s show, who’s Rick Pitino rooting for, his son or the school he’s suing?

Hour 3: Ron Magill

Stugotz and Izzy Gutierrez come up with a legitimate way to end tanking in the NBA. Stugotz definitely didn’t steal this idea from Bill Simmons because he never reads.

Hour 2: Fixing the NBA Playoffs

Stugotz and Izzy Gutierrez come up with a good way to avoid tanking in the NBA and Billy discusses the music that will play at his wedding.

Hour 1: Daniel Baldwin

Stugotz and Izzy Gutierrez inexplicably start the show talking about tennis and Daniel Baldwin joins the show.

Local Hour: Miami Heat

Stugotz, Izzy Gutierrez and the shipping container discuss the Heat beating the Spurs last night and Chris goes through his show notes.