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Best of The Doug Gottlieb Show: 03/21/2019

Doug tells you why the NCAA tournament does more for players than you realize and reacts to all the opening games. He talks to FS1college hoops Insider Evan Daniels about upsets to watch out for and who UCLA is targeting as their new head coach.  Plus Hall of Famer Rod Woodson joins the show to give his thoughts on the Steelers drama surrounding Ben Roethlisberger and Le’Veon Bell. 

March Madness has begun!

Doug breaks everything down in the sports world, including live reactions to the first day of the NCAA tournament. Doug also gives three lessons we’ve learned from the tournament already, why he’s not buying Le’Veon Bell’s drama with Big Ben, and what he thinks about Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reed’s settlement amount. Plus, Rams safety Eric Weddle and FS1 College Hoops analyst Evan Daniels join the show!

All Ball – Gottlieb's March Madness First Round Breakdown and Picks; Guest: Evan Daniels

Subscribe here to the All Ball with Doug Gottlieb Podcast  This week, Gottlieb breaks down the the NCAA Tournament First Round matchups and makes his picks. He’s talking tournament, the UCLA coaching candidates, and takes an in-depth look at the first round games with 247 Recruiting Director. Subscribe here to get the latest All Ball Podcasts  

Best of The Doug Gottlieb Show: 03/20/2019

Dan Beyer and Aaron Torres fill in for Doug and discuss Clippers head coach Doc Rivers telling the media he has no interest in becoming the Lakers head coach. They also tell you why Le’Veon Bell trying to explain the reason he left the Steelers doesn’t make any sense. Plus, they talk to Fairleigh Dickinson head coach Greg Herenda joins the show to talk about their win to get into the big dance and what they can do against #1 seed Gonzaga. 

Doc Rivers Says No To The Lakers

Dan Beyer & Aaron Torres fill in for Doug today as the guys discuss Doc Rivers deciding to stay with the Clippers instead of leaving for the Lakers. Also, Le’Veon Bell had some not so nice things to say about  his former quarterback and what’s the latest as we get one day closer to the March Madness tournament. And, NBA insider at The Athletic Sam Amick, Straight Outta Vegas RJ Bell, Farleigh Dickinson head coach Greg Herenda, and NFL Insider Charles Robinson all call in to talk with the guys about all of today’s biggest headlines.

Best of The Doug Gottlieb Show: 03/19/2019

Doug explains why the Angels made the smart move by giving Mike Trout a 12 year $430 million contract. He also talks about Doc Rivers potentially becoming the next head coach of the Lakers and if that would fit with LeBron James. Plus, long time NBA Insider Peter Vecsey joins the show to tell Doug why Doc Rivers would leave the Clippers and where Kevin Durant will play next season.

Mike Trout Gets PAID!!

Doug tells you why he doesn’t normally like contracts that last over 10 years in professional sports but he loves the new contract the Angels signed Mike Trout to. He also discussed the report the Lakers are targeting Doc Rivers to be their next head coach and how that could work with LeBron James. Plus, Oregon head coach Dana Altman joins the show to talk about their run through the PAC 12 and preparing for the NCAA Tournament.

Best of The Doug Gottlieb Show: 03/18/2019

Doug continues his appreciate for Duke’s Zion Williamson and why he’s impressed with what he’s already done in just 1 season. He talks to Pat Forde from Yahoo Sports about the bracket and if the committee got the seeding right. Plus, he tells you why people around the NBA are getting tired of Russell Westbrook’s act. 

Release The Bracket!

Doug tells you why Zion Williamson seems to have achieved the impossible: getting people to like and root for Duke. He talks about Russell Westbrook and why people are the NBA are getting tired of his act. Plus, Doug talks to Pat Forde from Yahoo Sports and analyzes which teams got under seeded. 

Best of The Doug Gottlieb Show: 03/15/2019

Doug tells you why he loves the fact that Zion Williamson decided to return to Duke and finish the season with his teammates. He talks to long time NBA Insider Ric Bucher about the Lakers and if they were serious about trading LeBron James. Plus, NFL linebacker Connor Barwin joins the show to share what it’s really like to have Odell Beckham Jr. as a teammate.