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Hour 2: Playoff Friday

Freddie talks to Chris Forsberg of NBC Boston about the Celtic’s win over the Pacers in Game 3. Plus, Freddie’s “Last Word”

Hour 1: Kyrie Irving is Back

Freddie reacts to the Celtics win over the Pacers in Game 3. Plus, why did the Raiders send their scouts packing?

Hour 4: Don't bank on it

The Giants are banking on Eli Manning but the writing is on the wall. When will they start the rebuilding process? The 76ers take down the Nets but have bugger issues ahead.

Hour 3: Family Matters

Could the Browns go 11-5 this season? A former player tells us, it is possible. How concerned should the 76ers be about Embiid’s future? Myron adds to his family.

Hour 2: From the Hunter to the Hunted

What does the NBA need to happen to get ratings without Lebron. Are the Browns the betting favorite to win the AFC North? Michael Jordan has high praise for Tiger Woods.

Hour One: 04/18/19

Joel Embiid is out and Freddie explains why Philly will always need a Plan B. Can the Browns live up to expectations

Hour 4: No love in LA

Ty Lue is out of favor in LA. Blake Griffin has 2 Technical fouls in a series he hasn’t even played in and he NFL has released the 2019 schedule.

Hour 3: Football is coming

The NFL schedule was released. Is this something to get excited about? Westbrook will never get the credit he truly deserves and we talk NHL playoffs with John Buccigross.

Hour 2: Happiness is key

Warriors will be fine without Boogie Cousins. Is Kevin Durant happy in Golden State? A epic collapse in the NHL and the Russell Wilson affect.

Hour One: 04/17/29

Kevin Durant is downright conversational and Russell Westbrook cannot get a break. Plus, NFL schedules are out!