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Hour Two: 05/14/19

Steve Kerr rights a wrong in a Game One victory. The Pelicans score the top pick in the NBA lottery, but should they consider trading it.

Hour One: 05/14/19

The Warriors made Game One against the Blazers look easy. The NBA Lottery stuns fans with the top pick going to New Orleans.

Hour 4

Freddie & Myron Medcalf chat about analytics in the NBA, Zion in the lottery & Brett Brown’s future

Hour 3

Freddie & Myron Medcalf chat about the NBA playoffs and the impact it will have on the free agency period. Plus, Brett Brown is returning to Philly

Hour 2

Freddie & Myron Medcalf chat about the future for the Rockets, what now for the 76ers and can the Lakers fix their mess

Hour 1

Freddie & Myron Medcalf chat about the two game sevens on Sunday and which one was better and react to John Beilein leaving Michigan for Cleveland.

Hour Two: 05/10/19

The Warriors could be a better team without KD. Steph Curry turned in an all time performance. The Rockets owner guarantees titles with Harden.

Hour One: 05/10/19

The Rockets come up short against the Warriors. It could be time for change in Houston. The Warriors showed who they are without KD.

Only 2 of 5 Getting Love: 4/11/17

Freddie and Ian delve into the NBA MVP discussion and how Westbrook and Harden are the only two receiving any love, and just how absurd that is.

Are The Browns Serious?: 4/11/17

With late news from Adam Schefter that the Browns are split on Trubisky or Garrett w/ the No.1 pick, Freddie and Ian discuss how much of a mistake the Browns could be making.