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USA Wins WBC: 3/22/17

Freddie and Fitz react to the USA’s victory over Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic championship game.

Can Baseball Keep Momentum?: 3/22/17

Freddie and Fitz discuss if baseball can continue the momentum with the Cubs winning the World Series and the popularity of the WBC. And what does it need to do?

Jamie Dixon, TCU Head Coach: 3/21/17

TCU Horned Frog men’s head basketball coach Jamie Dixon joins Freddie and Fitz to talk about his team’s run in the NIT & reflect on his time at PITT and teams left in Sweet 16

Avery Johnson, Alabama Head Coach: 3/21/17

Alabama basketball head coach Avery Johnson joins Freddie and Fitz to discuss the state of his team and SEC basketball as well as weigh in on NBA players sitting out games

Scott Van Pelt, SportsCenter: 3/20/17

The guys talk with SportsCenter host Scott Van Pelt about his interview with Tiger Woods and what the NBA can do about the resting players epidemic.

Greg Herenda, Fairleigh Dickinson HC: 3/20/17

The guys talk with Coach Herenda about his thoughts on the NCAA Tournament thus far, including why he thinks seeding isn’t a problem for the NCAA.

Adam Amin, ESPN Radio NBA PxP: 3/20/17

The guys talk with Adam about his call of the Warriors/Thunder rematch, specifically about the chipiness between the two teams.