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Hour 2: Fire or Trash

Is there enough magic in LA? Le’Veon Bell can’t handle the answers to the question he asked. The Baylor Women punch their ticket to the Finals.

Hour One: 4/5/19

The Cowboys should be a contender and its up to Jason Garrett to deliver. Plus, all NBA eyes are on Giannis now.

Hour One: 4/4/19

Lakers are smart to sound confident, but they should fear the offseason. Fans need to start policing other fans.

Hour Four: 4/3/19

The Lakers will always have chaos around this roster. Gregg Popovich gets tossed a minute into the game.

Hour Three: 4/3/19

Geno thinks coaches are afraid of players. Jeannie Buss says the Lakers have an offseason plan.

Hour Two: 4/3/19

Mike McCarthy is looking towards his next NFL job. Kevin Durant could be looking forward to his next team.

Hour One: 4/3/19

Jeannie Buss on the Lakers future. Murray State HC Matt McMahon on Ja Morant heading to the NBA.

Hour 4: Ring the Bell

Bryce Harper returns to DC and shows the Nationals what they let go. Kevin Durant gets ejected from a game his team was up 20 and the AAF had a great idea that they didna€™t handle it right.

Hour 3: Flipping Crazy

Bryce Harper gets revenge for getting booed in DC. Are National fans mad at the right person? Is Ron Darling just trying to sell books?

Hour 2: Validation

Does Tom Izzo need to win the championship this year to validate his time at Michigan State? What will Zion Williamson legacy be at Duke? What can XFL learn from the AAF?