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Yeah That’s An Incredibly Stupid Thing To Say

Today on the show Mac chats with Trevor Lane from Laker Nation to see when he thinks the NBA season will start up and how he is dealing with the pause in action

The World’s Strongest Man

Big Mac talks it up with the World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry about life in the WWE, his memories of the Olympics and Owen Hart

Look At The Naughty By Nature Aficionado Over Here

Today on the show Big Mac chats about one of the most controversial moments in wresting history, what has he been watching this weekend? Are the Olympics going to happen in 2020? And how did his dog almost die?

Chubby Boy Goes To Basketball Camp

Today on the show Big Mac discusses how interesting the first week of the NFL FA period has been, he’ll tell you what the best move is so far

You Should Read A Book

Today on the show Big Mac chats about how the WWE and UFC are continuing to try and entertain during the Corona Virus outbreak

We Should Challenge Each Other To Slum It Up

Today on the program Mac has an epiphany about coming to work in an empty building, Mike Pritchard comes on to chat about the crazy first 2 days of NFL free agency and WWE is doing something unique