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5/20 Press Box Morning Show Hr 3

Ed and Clay dissect the Breakfast In The Box stories as they rifle through them including why Arod’s lawyers are busy on a picture of him “dropping a Jeter”, also Robert F. Smith from Morehouse College has the best commencement speech ever and how “The Whizzinator” has returned to the news cycle.   Later, more NFL stories including the rumors of Peyton Manning to the Jets…GM vacancy and what free agents want any part of this Lakers fiasco now?

5/20 Press Box Morning Show Hr 2

Ed and Clay in Hour 2 expound on the David Jenkins Jr. news that he chose UNLV over Gonzaga and Oregon to sit out for a year.  In addition, we play more of the Magic Johnson audio from “First Take” and don’t understand what Tim Harris is doing that forced Magic to make a decision to resign but it came to a head when Luke Walton needed to be fired.  Also, Ian from PropSwap joined the show with updated tickets on MLB, PGA, NBA and what one St. Louis Blues ticket owner needs to wake up and sell it while the market is hot before Boston ruins everything.

5/20 Press Box Morning Show Hr 1

Ed and Clay embark on a journey from the series finale of Game Of Thrones and Ed’s melancholy about the endings for it’s major characters.  Also, NBA Insider Jamieson Welsh recapped the Conference finals, as well as, spoke to the Magic Johnson comments on Rob Pelinka betraying him when he was the Team President, referring the Lakers to a “Mom and Pop” store.

5/17 Press Box Morning Show Hr 3

Ed and Clay were joined by Steph MacKenzie on a myriad of topics including amoebas in wrong holes, Ed’s isolated Catholic upbringing, why Ed hates people and what happens to a woman when no gets her a card or gift on her 55th birthday.  Later, DJ Allen discussed the Coaches vs Cancer golf classic and how the money raised goes to help the American Cancer Society and those affected in Southern Nevada.

5/17 Press Box Morning Show Hr 2

Ed and Clay recap the Blazers choke job in Game 2 vs GSW and it rolls into “Stump Clay” a contest where the intention is to make Clay look bad so Ed can feel better about himself.  Totally fine.  Also, Doug Kezirian, Host of ESPN’s “Daily Wager” joined the show and discussed the future of gaming content and analysis on ESPN and are we just scratching the surface on how many shows and networks also get involved with Vegas-based content?

5/17 Press Box Morning Show Hr 1

Ed and Clay begin the show contemplating what the TV ratings will be for the Game of Thrones finale on Sunday night and we compare it with M.A.S.H’s finale and the 1979 Magic vs Bird game – and it ain’t close.  More on UNLV’s investigation behind the allegations of Brandon McCoy getting paid to attend UNLV and a riveting discussion with Ryan Wallis aka Ryan Hockey Guy on the perils of the NHL and it’s inability to adapt with the technology available to keep their sport relevant, even to the most hardcore fan.

5/16 Press Box Morning Show “What’s On Tap” Derek Sisson Int.

This “What’s On Tap” salutes National Armed Forces Day with JR Starkus bringing the big guns:  Derek Sisson, CEO of Merica Bourbon and how his organization is created by veterans to help veterans and JR creates a simple “Old Fashioned” with the very affordable Merica!  In addition, a quick American Firing Squad with Revolution Vodka.

5/16 Press Box Morning Show Sam Gordon on Liz Cambage

Liz Cambage is now an Las Vegas Ace, what does that mean for the outspoken and dominant center to now join a young team as Sam Gordon of the Review-Journal explains why this move benefits everyone, why the Aces now favored for the title, and how the MVP candidate will fit on the court under Bill Laimbeer’s system.

5/16 Press Box Morning Show Hr 2

Ed and Clay get into Vegas  Golden Knights fans response to the Sharks getting ‘breaks’ with controversial calls with replies filled with words like “fixed’ and ‘rigged’.  RJ didn’t pick up the phone so we get into the LV Aces trade for Liz Cambage from the Dallas Wings.  Later, we get into the sound from Friday to Tuesday from the New York Jets, in which, they defended that no rift was taking place between the GM and HC and then on Tuesday, Adam Gase assumes both roles.  Later, Southern Nevada Head Baseball Coach, Nick Garritano discussed how the CSN Coyotes are once again fighting for the JUCO World Series with a test tonight in Colorado against Trinidad State, as well as, finding talented players within Southern Nevada.

5/16 Press Box Morning Show Hr 1

Ed and Clay begin the show on the horrific inability of the NHL to review certain calls that decide outcomes of their playoff games, and sometimes, ultimately playoff series – as they flubbed a hand pass that led to a GW OT goal for the Sharks over the Blues.  In addition, we get into the Bucks 10-0 rally at the end to beat the Raptors in Game 1 and does Kareem Hunt understand the difference between choices and mistakes?