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  • Best Of: Upcoming Events

    The guys talk about the upcoming NFL Draft with Laura Rutledge and Adam Schefter. They also discuss the WWE still putting on events with Triple H and more....Read More
  • Hour 4: The NFL Process

    The guys continue to talk about how the upcoming NFL Draft will play out before talking about how the WWE is still operating with Triple H and more....Read More
  • Hour 3: Oddly Specific Sports Solutions

    The guys take calls on people’s oddly specific sports solutions before talking with Stugotz of The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz and more....Read More
  • Hour 2: That Bytes

    The guys talk about the potential for an upcoming UFC match before talking with Adam Schefter and Laura Rutledge for a second time. They also play “That Bytes” and more....Read More
  • Hour 1: It's All About Fairness

    The guys talk about if the NFL Draft could change as things progressively get worse with Covid-19 before talking with ESPN Host and Reporter Laura Rutledge and more....Read More
  • Not Dr. Fauci

    A special guest joins the Golics to discuss the Coronavirus (1:05) and what the special guest has been doing during quarantine (6:30). Plus, why is Jenny continuing to spend Chris’ money on Amazon (9:05) and proof that...Read More
  • Best Of: Another Event Cancelled

    The guys talk about Wimbledon getting cancelled with Chris Evert before talking about the upcoming NFL Draft with Tim Hasselbeck and more....Read More
  • Hour 4: Should Tua Be Draft First?

    The guys talk about the upcoming NFL Draft and more with ESPN NFL Analyst Tim Hasselbeck before talking with Orioles 1B Chris Davis about playing in front of no fans & more....Read More
  • Hour 3: Hometown Heroes

    The guys talk with Vanderbilt Football Coach Derek Mason about how he is helping medical professionals during this time before the guys take calls and more....Read More
  • Hour 2: The Cowboys Being The Cowboys

    The guys talk about the Cowboys bringing on Aldon Smith before talking about the cancellation of Wimbledon with Chris Evert before the guys play “Book It” and more....Read More
  • Hour 1: Wimbledon Gets Canceled

    The guys talk about the news of Wimbledon getting canceled before talking with ESPN MLB Insider Buster Olney and more....Read More
  • Best Of: A New Normal

    The guys discuss how the NFL is handling the rapid changes due to Covid-19 before talking with Louis Riddick, Mike Krzyzewski, Ariel Helwani, Derek Shelton & more....Read More
  • Hour 4: Do The Dolphins Want Burrow?

    The guys talk about the chances the Dolphins trade with the Bengals for the first overall pick before talking to Pittsburgh Pirates Manager Derek Shelton & more....Read More
  • Hour 3: Changes Everywhere

    The guys talk with Coach K about how their season ended and what he’s doing for health care providers before the guys talk with ESPN MMA Analyst Ariel Helwani and more....Read More
  • Hour 2: The Show Must Go On

    The guys continue to discuss the changing landscape of the NFL with Louis Riddick before putting an NFL broadcast together consisting of Nickelodeon characters....Read More
  • Hour 1: NFL Changes

    The guys talk about the advent of digital sports with a pause on the real thing before talking about the myriad of changes that are happening in and around the NFL & more....Read More
  • Will The Football Season Start on Time?

    We explore the idea of football possibly not being played on time due to COVID-19. Plus, how will the virus effect some draftees? We discuss with Todd McShay and Marcus Spears...Read More
  • Hour Four: SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey

    SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey gives us the latest on what his conference will be doing in restoring spring athletes eligibility and if football will be played on time....Read More
  • Hour Three: How Many QB's Could Go Top Ten?

    ESPN NFL Draft Expert Todd McShay joins us and discusses the potential number of QB’s that could go top ten in the upcoming draft....Read More
  • Hour Two: What If Student-Athletes Return?

    Some student athletes could be returning with an extra year of eligibility, which could lead to some major ramifications. We discuss with UMD lacrosse coach John Tillman...Read More
  • Hour One: The Fate of Fall Sports

    We examine the fate of fall sports and when basketball and baseball could possibly return....Read More
  • Are GM's Being Babies?

    Dan Orlovsky had some choice words for how GM’s are handling the current draft process. Plus, we hear from Rhodes scholar Dr. Myron Rolle on his role against COVID-19....Read More
  • Hour Four: Geno Auriemma and Jay Bilas

    Jay Bilas and Geno Auriemma provide some insight on what the NCAA will do for the athletes whose spring sports were cancelled. Must listen...Read More
  • Hour Three: Jay Williams' Brilliant Idea

    ...Read More
  • Hour Two: GM's Need To Stop Being Babies

    Dan Orlovsky had some strong words for NFL GM’s not being able to see players in person during the coronavirus pandemic....Read More

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