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  • Would Mike Miller bring UNLV back? Why do people hate Malcolm Subban?

    Technically Correct – March 19 Could Mike Miller turn UNLV around quickly? Would his brother Ryan come back to UNLV? Would Desiree Reed-Francois take a chance on Miller? The Raiders are going to end up signing Vontaze...Read More
  • Is Thad Matta using UNLV or a serious candidate?

    Technically Correct – March 18 Adam Candee is in studio. Why firing Marvin Menzies was the right move, but creating a national search could hurt UNLV. Thad Matta would be a terrific hire, but he also has...Read More
  • What’s next for UNLV and Marvin Menzies?

    Technically Correct – March 15 Mike Grimala from the Las Vegas Sun is in studio. What is next for UNLV and Marvin Menzies? Will Desiree Reed-Francois make a move? What is the worst case scenario for UNLV?...Read More
  • Does Marvin Menzies need to win the Mountain West Tournament?

    How important is the Mountain West Tournament for Marvin Menzies? Can the Rebels beat San Diego State for the first time? The Raiders signed another wide receiver. Mark Anderson of the Review Journal joins the show to...Read More
  • Mountain West coaches hate Noah Robotham

    Noah Robotham led the Mountain West in assists but Mountain West coaches only care about points. The Raiders did not land Le’Veon Bell. Does that mean Marshawn Lynch is coming back? Kathy Olivier joins the show to...Read More
  • Did Marvin Menzies show progress this year?

    Technically Correct – March 12 Is an 11-7 record in the Mountain West proof of progress for UNLV under Marvin Menzies? OUTRAGE at the media’s All Mountain West teams. Lights FC have some sweet Golden Knight themed...Read More
  • The Raiders are winning free agency, UNLV played good defense and Subban was mad

    Technically Correct – March 11 The Raiders embarrassed the Steelers with the Antonio Brown trade. Jon Gruden also added the best offensive tackle in free agency. Mark Stone is George McPhee’s favorite player. Lights FC lost their...Read More
  • The Clyburn Cut and Odell Beckham to the Raiders?

    Technically Correct – March 8 Kris Clyburn has been good enough to steal something from Shawn Marion. Will Marvin Menzies play his younger guys more against Colorado State? Antonio Brown is still available for the Raiders. Will...Read More
  • Fleury wants to fight, nice UNLV basketball comments and Eric Wynalda in studio

    Technically Correct – March 7 We almost had a Marc-Andre Fleury fight! We give away tickets to the Mountain West Tournament from your nice UNLV comments. Eric Wynalda is live in studio ahead of Lights FC’s season...Read More
  • The Secret Stats that prove Jon Merrill is awesome

    Technically Correct – March 6 The Golden Knights have a chance to prove they can beat the Flames tonight. Jon Merrill might be a top 10 defensemen in the NHL. Oscar Lindberg keeps outscoring Mark Stone. UNLV...Read More
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