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  • Did Las Vegas reopening drive away the NHL?

    Technically Correct – July 1 Has the spike in corona in Las Vegas made the NHL dump us for Canada? Should you have more confidence in Paul Guenther or Derek Carr? One of the funnest Aviators was...Read More
  • Should Mark Davis be mad at the NFL?

    Technically Correct – June 30 Should the Raiders be trying to fight the NFL’s rule to tarp off the first 8 rows? The NHL has a lot of corona cases. The Ivy League might be trendsttters for...Read More
  • Why do people hate tanking?

    Technically Correct – June 29 NHL teams should be tanking for the #1 pick in the NHL Draft. Is Cam Newton better than Derek Carr? Caleb Herring joins the show to talk about controlling football coaches. Lights...Read More
  • Creating a better schedule for UNLV basketball

    Technically Correct – June 26 Will college basketball be able to play a full season? Can UNLV only play teams within driving range? The Golden Knights will be playing on Seattle rainwater soon. The Raiders mascot is...Read More
  • Why Marcus Mariota will take Derek Carr’s job

    Technically Correct – June 25 Marcus Mariota’s feet will help him take the Raiders starting QB job. Will the Raiders sign the first Japanese NFL player? Lights FC’s playoff chances took a big hit. Did UNLV actually...Read More
  • Is UNLV football charging too much for parking?

    Technically Correct – June 24 Is UNLV attendance going to drop because of parking costs? Robin Lehner is coming back. Brett Lashbrook has to answer for firing Eric Wynalda. Can the Lights actually make the playoffs? Subscribe...Read More
  • Will the NHL avoid Las Vegas because of COVID-19?

    Technically Correct – June 23 Should the NHL be worried about Las Vegas’ increase in coronavirus cases? Will college football actually happen? How will T.J. Otzelberger fill out the frontcourt for the future? Nick Robone of UNLV...Read More
  • Why did Lights FC fire Eric Wynalda

    Technically Correct – June 18 Trying to figure out why Eric Wynalda was fired by Lights FC The Golden Knights could play in Vegas Another trademark issue for a Bill Foley hockey team Mike Grimala thinks UNLV...Read More
  • Is Hey Reb gone for good?

    Technically Correct – June 17 UNLV took down a Hey Reb statue, is the mascot done too? Does UNLV have to get rid of the nickname Rebels? The Pro Bowl is coming to Las Vegas. The Las...Read More
  • Why did the Golden Knights overpay for Ryan Reaves again?

    Technically Correct – June 16 Ryan Reaves is coming back to Vegas, but is his contract too much? Should UNLV change Hey Reb to a Shark? Cody Glass’ season is done. Damon Arnette does not like a...Read More
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