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  • How hot is Tony Sanchez’s seat? Marc-Andre Fleury turned the Golden Knights’ season around

    Technically Correct – October 15 UNLV football lost by over 30 points again. How safe is Tony Sanchez’s job? Marc-Andre Fleury bailed out the Golden Knights. Was Saturday’s win over Philadelphia still concerning? The Raiders are tanking....Read More
  • Are the Golden Knights playoff odds in doubt? Can UNLV respond to Tony Sanchez’s criticism against Utah State?

    Technically Correct – October 12 The Golden Knights are 1-4. Have they already put themselves in doubt of making the playoffs? The Raiders have some winnable games coming up. How committed are they to tanking? Mike Grimala...Read More
  • Did George McPhee’s offseason moves lead to the Golden Knights 1-3 start?

    Technically Correct – October 11 Jake Bischoff has to play now, right? How much blame does Marc-Andre Fleury deserve for Vegas’ 1-3 start? Is George McPhee’s offseason already costing the Golden Knights? Lights FC won! Jeremy Mauss...Read More
  • How will the Golden Knights fanbase handle losing? Marvin Menzies listens to Technically Correct!

    Technically Correct – October 10 Ryan McKinnell joined Technically Correct to talk about the Golden Knights fan base. Is it a fair weather fan base? Are season ticket holders afraid of losing their season tickets? UNLV is...Read More
  • Are the Golden Knights bad? Was the New Mexico loss the defining moment of Tony Sanchez’s career?

    Technically Correct – October 9 The Golden Knights are 1-2. Are they suddenly bad? Was UNLV’s loss to New Mexico worse than last season’s loss to Howard? Ryan Wallis of the VGK Insider Show joins the show...Read More
  • Should Tony Sanchez have called out his players after UNLV’s 50-14 loss?

    Technically Correct – October 8 Tony Sanchez ripped his players effort in the loss to New Mexico. Was he just finding a way to take the focus off his players? The Raiders lost 26-10 to the Chargers...Read More
  • Are Golden Knights fans already front runners? And does UNLV really need 5 stars?

    Technically Correct – October 5 The Golden Knights skipped the Sword in the Stone routine and paid for it on the ice. Are Golden Knights fans already showing that they are front runners? Bob Scucci joins the...Read More
  • The Golden Knights are back! Can year two be as successful as year one?

    Technically Correct – October 4 Live from Toshiba Plaza outside T-Mobile Arena The Golden Knights are back as they take on the Flyers tonight. The Raiders have a beat up offensive line. Dom L. of The Athletic...Read More
  • Predicting UNLV’s starting five and The Athletic hates the Golden Knights

    Technically Correct – October 3 UNLV basketball has been practicing for one week so we start guessing at what the starting lineup will look like. Alex Tuch was placed on IR three hours after Gerard Gallant said...Read More
  • Can UNLV go bowling without Armani Rogers and the Golden Knights are better in Spanish

    Technically Correct – October 2 Armani Rogers may be done for the season. Can Max Gilliam lead the Rebels to a bowl game? The Spanish Voice of the Golden Knights, Jesus Lopez, joins the show to tell...Read More
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