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  • Postgame Show: Ron Magill

    Ron Magill joins the guys for the postgame show, including a full breakdown of the meadowlark. Donate to the Ron Magill endowment here...Read More
  • Hour 2: You're Such A Weasel

    The Le Batard crew question Greg Cote’s energy today, talk about the end of the Trump presidency, and play some funny sound from hockey....Read More
  • Hour 1: The Pirate Ship

    The Le Batard crew and Greg Cote update the status of the Pirate ship through the prism of sports media reporting, discuss the political environment of the country ahead of inauguration, and Greg Cote delivers a ‘Back...Read More
  • The Big Suey: The Henne Conundrum

    The Le Batard crew discuss the Browns’ devastating loss to the Chiefs and the fired Mets GM....Read More
  • Local Hour: Tom Brees' Kids

    The Le Batard crew and Greg Cote discuss the Deshaun Watson trade rumors, the struggles of Lamar Jackson, and the symbolism of Brady vs. Brees....Read More
  • Postgame Show: Old Media Tech

    The Le Batard crew get nostalgic about the tech they used to use and let you know the content that’s coming from Le Batard and Friends...Read More
  • Hour 2: Kareem Hunt

    The Le Batard crew talk about the way the media has handled Kareem Hunt on the Browns, the stress of our current times, and Dan and Stugotz struggle with the notion they’re doing a podcast now....Read More
  • Hour 1: What's For Brunch

    The Le Batard crew take you behind the curtain, break down Stugotz’s Cameo issues, and introduce a new segment....Read More
  • The Big Suey: Amin Knows Basketball

    The Le Batard crew is joined by Amin Elhassan to discuss the James Harden trade to Brooklyn and his hopping aboard the Pirate Ship....Read More
  • Local Hour: Samson On Stugotz's Cameos

    Mike and David Samson discuss Stugotz’s travails on Cameo, the James Harden trade, Samson’s dealings with the Players Union, and get his review of the week....Read More
  • Postgame Show: 40th Anniversary or Scoops?

    Le Batard and Greg Cote continue to have it out over Sccops failing to deliver a scoop....Read More
  • Hour 2: Ron Magill + Back In My Day

    The Le Batard crew are joined by Zoo Miami’s Ron Magill for his weekly segment and enjoy Greg Cote triumphantly doing his job with another Back In My Day. Support Ron Magill’s causes here...Read More
  • Hour 1: Chris Long

    The Le Batard crew is joined by Chris Long to talk about the Eagles, the Belichick/Brady dynamic, and what’s going on in America and Washington DC. You can subscribe to Chris Long’s Green Light podcast here....Read More
  • The Big Suey: Important Societal Conversation… And Cameos

    The Le Batard Crew with Greg Cote talk about what’s going on in America and Washington DC while Stugotz sneaks Cameos in before the deadlines to get paid for them....Read More
  • Local Hour: Stugotz's Drive To Work

    The Le Batard crew ride along with Stugotz on his ride from Jacksonville to South Beach....Read More
  • Postgame Show: Weekend Observations

    Daaaaaan, Stugotz brings his weekend observations....Read More
  • Hour 2: Amin Elhassan

    The Le Batard crew relive some recent show history, regret dismissing Gary the Jets fan, and welcome Amin Elhassan on to the pirate ship and do a round of “Amin Knows Basketball”....Read More
  • Hour 1: Adam Lefkoe

    The Le Batard crew are joined by Turner Sports’ Adam Lefkoe to audition for the role of Stugotz, discuss the chemistry on the NBA on TNT, and bring on Gary the Jets fan....Read More
  • The Big Suey: An Apology to S*** Stains

    The Le Batard crew discuss the continuing aftermath of what happened at the Capitol last Wednesday and get Stugotz’s wife Abby on to discuss the laundry situation in the Gotz household....Read More
  • Local Hour: Scoops Cote Scooped

    The Le Batard crew revel in Mike’s jubilance following a Browns playoff win, discuss the Deshaun Watson/Dolphins trade rumors, and break down some more drama with Greg ‘Scoops’ Cote....Read More
  • Postgame Show: The Pirate Phase

    The Le Batard crew describes life in the pirate phase and announces a new place to get show content....Read More
  • Hour 2: Aaron Rodgers

    The Le Batard crew is joined by Aaron Rodgers to talk about his journey with mindfulness, the events in Washington DC yesterday, and how he welcomed Jordan Love into Green Bay....Read More
  • Hour 1: Live Cameos

    The Le Batard crew help Stugotz start fulfilling his Cameo orders and react to the Francisco Lindor trade....Read More
  • The Big Suey: Carl Douglas

    The Le Batard crew and show attorney Carl Douglas talk about what happened in Washington DC and share some jabs about the Lakers and the Heat....Read More
  • Local Hour: Behind The Bits

    The Le Batard crew discusses the backstory of some of the show’s recent history and the backlog of Cameos Stugotz has to do....Read More

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