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  • 07-19-19 The Mac Attack – R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    Just listen. Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | Spotify...Read More
  • 07-18-19 The Mac Attack – WSOP and Boxing

    What do boxing and the World Series of Poker have in common? It all comes down to one vs one, mano a mano, etc. Case Keefer of the Las Vegas Sun joins the show to recap the...Read More
  • 07-17-19 The Mac Attack – Wild Card Wednesday

    Meth-gators?! Angry bagel guy vs catch me outside girl?? Yup Wild Card Wednesday (WCW). Heidi Fang of the Las Vegas Review-Journal joins the show to discuss Madden ratings, the Raiders, fighting, etc. Heidi knows more about sports...Read More
  • 07-16-19 The Mac Attack – Madden Triggered!

    It’s that time of year again when a bunch of 20-30-year-old millionaires complain about their ranking in Madden the football video game. The Aviators game ran a bit long so today’s show is a bit shorter than...Read More
  • 07-15-19 The Mac Attack – Death Sucks

    Death sucks but without it life means nothing! It’s always sad when we lose someone close to us or someone we were a fan of. The world lost two sports figures recently and today The Mac Attack...Read More
  • 07-12-19 The Mac Attack – The Shaq Attack

    One word: Shaq! Yup, the one, the only, (insert all his cool nicknames) Shaquille O’Neal was live IN studio! He wasn’t allowed to watch tv Monday through Friday and woke up at 5 am to do his...Read More
  • 07-11-19 The Mac Attack – Little Man Complex

    Who’s 4’11” and yells a lot? Chris Morgan. Who’s Chris Morgan? Welp, no need to explain just hit play and you’ll find out. =) Who’s 5’11” and hits home runs? Cody Decker. Don’t even say “Who’s Cody...Read More
  • 07-10-19 The Mac Attack – Wild Card Wednesday

    It’s definitely a Wild Card Wednesday (WCW)! JP Morgan investing in cocaine? Nic Nice already making plans for his 60th birthday with JP Morgan? Robots taking 20 million jobs?! Oh man! Ok, while this show is based...Read More
  • 07-09-19 The Mac Attack – NBA Summer League

    Ryan broadcasts from the Thomas and Mack for NBA Summer League. Joining him again is Trevor Lane of and later Willie G Ramirez of the Associated Press joins Ryan to give his take on what we’ve...Read More
  • 07-08-19 The Mac Attack – Earth Be Shaking Like

    So, we left off on Friday talking about earthquakes and sure enough, Nevada is about to beach front property! Well, not really but science fiction is fun. Do you know what else is fun? The upcoming NBA...Read More
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