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  • I Swear They Get Terrible Bands To Open For Them On Purpose

    Today on the show Mac chats about comments made by Max Scherzer in regards to pay cuts demanded by owners The UFC changed up their testing protocol ahead of this week’s event and could Dana White be...Read More
  • MLB Takes 2 Steps Forward And 4 Steps Back

    Today on the show Mac talks about the return of hockey and is the NBA not to far behind? Jeff Sherman from the Westgate hops on and MLB just can’t seem to get into this lifetime Subscribe...Read More
  • NHL Update with VGK Insider Frank Harnish

    The Mac Attack – May 22 Cali is lowering admission standards… definitely not a money grab Frank Harnish, VGK Insider, stops by to update Big Mac on the latest NHL Playoff news Matt Lauer sucks, and now...Read More
  • 9-Part documentary on White Paint drying on a White Wall

    The Mac Attack – May 21 Paul Pierce is wrong about LeBron Nine Part Brady Doc? Better be a whole lot Bridget Moynahan Covid-19 might smite someone who deserves it!   *Technical Issues: The feed cut out...Read More
  • 3-Time NBA Champion B.J. Armstrong joins The Attack

    The Mac Attack – 20 May 2020 NBA Champion B.J. Armstrong joins Big Mac to talk “Last Dance,” selective memory and how the documentary has affected his life. What is happening with Fight Island Dana? Can we...Read More
  • Jordan would have burned that place to the ground

    The Mac Attack – May 19 Shout out to honesty in shoe buying and Big Mac was right about the arrest of Deandre Baker and Quinton Dunbar. 16 year old LeBron played pick up with Michael Jordan…...Read More
  • ESPN’s Ariel Helwani on “The Last Dance”

    The Mac Attack – May 18 2020 ESPN’s resident Knick Fan and MMA Insider, Ariel Helwani, joins the show to share his begrudging respect for MJ and is antagonized by Big Mac. Big Mac reacts to the...Read More
  • Big Willie Style

    Today on the show UFC is now onto their third event but how are Nascar and the PGA Tour going backwards with this testing thing? Bryce Harper has Blake Snell’s back and Bountygate Part 2? Subscribe :...Read More
  • I’ve Come Around On LL Cool J And His RB & Hip Hop

    Today on the show Mac chats with Chris Vannini about what could be a tipping point in college sports especially for small schools Stone Cold gives someone on Twitter a stunner, LL Cool J gets the credit...Read More
  • Days Of Thunder Is All I Know About NASCAR

    Today on the show Mac discusses a return of the NBA with his Laker insider Trevor Lane Shaq and Mac are tight, just how tight are they? Was there a bigger moment in sports than Hogan slamming...Read More
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