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  • Sit On The Couch And Let The Doctor Solve Them

    Today on the show Big Mac breaks down Goodell’s visit to Vegas as the city prepares for the draft and the Raiders, speaking of are the Raiders LA’s team as well? He talks to Cowboy Cerrone ahead...Read More
  • It Was An Absolute Love Fest

    Today on the show Big Mac gets fired up about the Astros cheating scandal and how angry Dodger fans should be, Conor McGregor and Cowboy Cerrone had some media interaction last night and it wasn’t what you...Read More
  • It’s Like The Justice League Hired Lex Luthor

    Today on the show Big Mac discusses the Golden Knights firing head coach Gerard Gallant less than 2 years after he led them to the Stanley Cup Finals. Will it jump start the team? He’ll chat with...Read More
  • Penn State Football Is A Cult

    Today on the show Big Mac chats about LSU winning a national title and the season Joe Burrow had, did it give him the best season a college QB ever? Penn State football is back in the...Read More
  • Take Care of Your Chickens

    Today on the show Big Mac talks about the fallout from the Astros cheating scandal, LSU vs Clemson tonight and Wes Reynolds jumps on to chat about it, a wild week in the NFL playoffs and Beast...Read More
  • You Take Too Many Liberties

    Today on the show Big Mac talks about a bad VGK loss last night and do fans have a right to boo, Bill O’Brien snaps at a fan and why is KD so easily rattled by people...Read More
  • My Palms Are Sweaty

    Today on the show Big Mac chats about his experience getting pulled over on his way to the station, JVT from VSIN joins the show and VGK in action against the LA Kings at T Mobile tonight...Read More
  • Who The Hell Are The Las Vegas Posse

    Today on the show Big Mac talks about the loss by the Golden Knights last night at the hands of the Penguins, is there a problem with Marc-Andre Fleury, Aubrey Huff is a lunatic and he proves...Read More
  • That’s One You Tuber You Don’t Mess With

    Today on the show Big Mac chats about the lack of opportunities for black coaches in the NFL and for GM’s after 2 more coaching vacancies were filled today, Logan Paul vs AB and someone’s return to...Read More
  • He’s A Crazy Rich Texan With A Good Heart

    Today on the show Big Mac chats about the NFL playoffs and no he isn’t wrong about someone, Tom Brady and the Pats could be finished and where could he wind up? Jason Garrett is finally out...Read More
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