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  • Screw The Pink House, I’m Just Gonna Set Up Shop With A Plastic Table In Front Of DMV

    Today on the program Mac comes up with the perfect plan to make money, A Rod wants to buy the Mets, Cody Bellinger speaks out about the Astros and Wes Reynolds from VSIN joins the show to...Read More
  • You Can’t Issue An Apology If You Aren’t Remorseful

    Today on the Mac Attack; Big mac will tell you why the Astros are horrible and their apology sucks. He’ll also be joined by JVT from VSIN who will give you his favorite in the NBA 3...Read More
  • The City Is Burning

    Today on the show Big Mac chats with Ryan the Hockey Guy of the VGK Insiders to discuss just how close to missing the playoffs this team is and where does the blame fall. He also talks...Read More
  • I’m Rooting For Them Because….

    Today on the show Big Mac chats about the proposed rule changes in MLB, if Tom Brady stays in New England or moves on, the end of an era for the Chargers and there are two historic...Read More
  • The Astros Are Now Universally Hated

    Today on the program Big Mac rips the Astros apart at the seams, the XFL is back and it’s not terrible. The Golden Knights suffered a tough loss on Saturday, is everything fine and Bobby Knight returns...Read More
  • This Is The XFLuuuugggghhhhhh

    Today on the Mac Attack Big Mac talks Lakers and NBA trade deadline with Lakers Insider Trevor Lane and he’ll get you all caught up on the XFL with Wes Reynolds from VSIN Subscribe : iTunes |...Read More
  • I Need HR And You Need A Blood Test, None Of That Hair Sample Stuff

    Today on the Mac Attack Ryan tells you why KD is just awesome… sort of. The Knicks could actually get better, how great of a city is Toronto? VGK make a big local announcement, they’re also in...Read More
  • A Huge Parade In Kansas…………. City

    Today on the show Big Mac talks about the death of the Red Sox and how big the problems in MLB are, the Chiefs celebrate in style and he wants in, the Golden Knights can’t beat good...Read More
  • Is It Betty Or Karen Or Adam Levine

    Today on the show Big Mac offends suburban white women everywhere, Gritty beats the man, the Golden Knights are playing better but have a tough one tonight, the end of an era in Vegas or is it...Read More
  • The Madden Curse Is Dead And Buried, It’s Six Feet Under

    Today on the show Big Mac chats about the SB and how this could be the beginning of a dynasty. He also talks about his favorite commercials and he gets a text from his mother lecturing him...Read More
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