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  • Hour 3: The Raiders are not crushing the virus

    Jon Gruden is not happy answering questions about COVID-19. The Raiders are slowly abandoning the run game. David Roth on the Rays being unrepeatable and the Sugar Land Skeeters. Lane Kiffin needs to find 25 million pennies....Read More
  • Hour 2: When will we see UNLV’s basketball schedule?

    Antonio Brown is officially a Buccaneer. College basketball scheduling is a nightmare. Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson on football and basketball season during a pandemic. Who is Gerrit Cole? Subscribe : iTunes | Stitcher...Read More
  • Hour 1: Should the Raiders keep Paul Guenther?

    The Raiders are making changes to the defensive line. The NHL has no idea what next season will look like. Austin Gayle on PFF grading high school players. Marcus Arroyo may never name a starting QB Subscribe...Read More
  • Hour 2: The Marcus Arroyo era at UNLV is off to a bad start

    The Raiders should have drafted DK Metcalf to play linebacker. UNLV was bad at everything on Saturday. Mike Grimala is afraid of Cuban sandwiches and has luke warm takes. The greatest play by play call of all...Read More
  • Hour 3: Why is Jon Gruden so conservative?

    Jon Gruden refuses to go for it on 4th and short. Again. Tyleek Collins had the worst stat line a WR can have. Vinny Bonsignore on Paul Guenther’s job security. Indiana is better than the Dodgers. Subscribe...Read More
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