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  • Hour 3: DFC about GOLD jerseys

    Why did Chance get a tan? How does Paul Weir still have a job? Jameison Welch on James Harden’s tricky body. Western Sydney Wanderers 1, Sydney FC 1 Subscribe : iTunes | Stitcher...Read More
  • Hour 2: Mbacke Diong is a superstar!

    Deshaun Watson to the Raiders? Mbacke Diong is suddenly good? Mike Grimala on UNLV’s three game win streak. The worst rule in football! Subscribe : iTunes | Stitcher...Read More
  • Hour 1: Is the West division too easy for the Golden Knights?

    Will the Golden Knights cruise to a playoff spot? Chad Henne! Ryan Wallis on anthem singing and Keegan Kolesar. Jameis Winston > Drew Brees Subscribe : iTunes | Stitcher...Read More
  • Hour 3: Tuchy, Roysie and Glasser

    Who has the worst nickname for the Golden Knights? New Mexico is very, very bad. Cassie Soto injures her sister. The LA Kings are already out of a playoff spot. Subscribe : iTunes | Stitcher...Read More
  • Hour 2: Is the Mountain West falling apart?

    Would Boise State and San Diego State leave the Mountain West? Does the Chiefs defense suck? Yaron Weitzman on James Harden, Chris Wood and the NBA in Vegas. THE SYDNEY DERBY IS HERE! Subscribe : iTunes |...Read More
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