The Other Football Podcast

Hosted by Chris “Magnum” Chapman, Thomas Viola and Carson A Merk

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  • Thomas The Tank Engine, Known Snitch

    This week on the episode the fellas discuss the Corona Virus and it’s impact on football, is the away goal in stoppage time unfair? The thoughts might surprise you, is a club in London looking to void...Read More
  • No TV No Party

    With Liverpool losing Magnum’s world has come crashing down but fortunately for him his nemesis Thomas was out of town, the dream run for a Spanish side has ended in the Copa Del Ray, FA Cup Madness...Read More
  • The Only Pharoahe We Acknowledge In Monch

    This week on the show the fellas discuss what changes they would implement if there was an XLS, someone has dementia, Liverpool are going to win the league and a J League star celebrates a birthday. They’ll...Read More
  • Speaking Of of Juventus…. Actually He Never Played For Juventus

    This week on the show they discuss the Man City punishment, is there a soccer equivalent to the Astros cheating scandal, the J League starts back up and more racism, this time in Portugal....Read More
  • Inter Milan Fat Camp

    This week on the show with only 3 Premier League to talk about the fellas discuss Inter Milan’s lawsuit against Inter Miami, the Lights traveled to Salt Lake for a preseason friendly, can Messi play in the...Read More
  • Our Lord And Savior David Beckham

    This week on the show the fellas after a week off because someone took a vacation, they discuss the passing of Kobe Bryant and his impact on soccer, there was a game yesterday, is the Premier League...Read More
  • Stomp Starring Jurgen Klopp

    This week on the show the fellas discuss how awful Man U is right now, is it better for Liverpool to go unbeaten or win more trophies, somehow Fievel Goes West finds it’s way back into the...Read More
  • Bielsa To The Astros

    This week on the podcast the fellas joke about Carson’s lack of historical knowledge, they remind Chapman that he’s inching closer to mortality oh and they sprinkle in what division is Shrewsbury in, and is it possible...Read More
  • I Would Eat Food Off The Community Shield

    After a week off the fellas are back with a discussion on what needs to change for VAR, because the NFL Playoffs were on in the studio the guys celebrate a Patriots loss, the FA Cup is...Read More
  • The Other Football Awards…. For The 2010’s

    To close out the 2010’s the fellas bring you a best of show loaded with their picks for many topics including best player, best American player and do TV and Chapman break bread after TV was heated...Read More