The Other Football Podcast

Hosted by Chris “Magnum” Chapman, Thomas Viola and Carson A Merk

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  • Orange Netherlands Crocs

    This week on the show with the international break nearly over they discuss things kind of relevant to football like who Carson saw at the USL Championship, which person in the soccer world they’d like to have...Read More
  • Have A Cool Name Or Be Boring FC

    In and ode to one of our host’s favorite J League team the fellas discuss the AFC Champions League Final, TV admits Liverpool is winning the league hoping for a reverse jinx, Raheem Sterling and Joe Gomez...Read More
  • Yo Kepa Kepa

    This week the fellas chat about a bizarre occurrence in the Champions League, inspired by a tweet from Eric Wynalda they discuss some of the greatest comebacks in soccer history, did Son deserve a red card and...Read More
  • The Chocolate Has No Feelings

    This week on the pod the fellas chat about the insane Carabao Cup match between Liverpool and Arsenal, speaking of Arsenal Xhaka not exactly a fan of their supporters, Vardy Party and MLS Playoffs , who is...Read More
  • TOF Oct 23 Watford Is A Candle In The Wind

    This week on the show the fellas barely mention Liverpool and Man U drawing, they discuss why MLS viewership is down (Chapman is wrong) they play a game of made up vs real clubs in America, TV...Read More
  • Ernest Goes To The USMNT

    This week the fellas all share their anger and frustration with the USMNT losing to Canada, Can Thomas and Carson guess which country some of this year’s UEFA League Clubs play and a beef between the wives...Read More
  • TOF Oct 3 Did Grimace Die of Diabetes?

    This week on the pod the fellas chat about a specific party foul, as bad as Newcastle has been someone is worse, Tottenham had an interesting week, An LV Lights promotion goes wrong and is the CONCACAF...Read More
  • TOF Sept 24 Chris Is Wrong About Everything

    This week on the show the guys discuss the awful week for Spurs, Man City takes out some anger on poor Watford, Cruz Azul wins the Leagues Cup, a revelation is made by one of the hosts...Read More
  • TOF Sept 17 “You Guys Dont Know Her, She Goes To Another School

    The guys celebrate one of the hosts making a bold prediction that hit, they also make fun of him for his club losing. People who give raisins at Halloween hate fun, some Champions League talk and Carson...Read More
  • TOF Sept 12 Build Out Of The Back And Give Me Death

    This week the guys talk about the great strides made by the US Men’s National Team, the Premier League will be back this week, who might end up in MLS, their favorite video games and one of...Read More