The Other Football Podcast

Hosted by Chris “Magnum” Chapman, Thomas Viola and Carson A Merk

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  • Toure’ de France

    This week on the show the guys discuss the the week ahead in the Champions League Do Spurs have the ability to win the Prem making a few of our hosts look terrible most notably one who...Read More
  • Vardy Gras

    This week on the show with the guys all back in the States they discuss their thoughts on the friendly matches play by the US Men’s team against Wales and Panama, who impressed, who did not and...Read More
  • Detective Chicken Murphy

    Fresh off his first J League match Magnum describes the scene at the Shonan vs Yokohama F Marinos match Normally international breaks suck but the guys are excited for this one as they discuss more details of...Read More
  • Tupacbach

    With 1/3 of our crew still in Japan they discuss the first half of group matches in the Champions League and what has surprised them the most so far. Chapman tells a bizarre story about a place...Read More
  • Bumblebee Tuna

    With Magnum still in Japan the guys discuss the surprises in the Champions League so far Is there a dark horse team that could pull a shocker and win the Premier League? Is something wrong with City...Read More
  • 7,000 Island Dressing

    This week on the show thanks to modern technology with Chapman in Japan and TV & Carson Stateside the fellas discuss the Merseyside Derby and the fallout from what transpired in the match DAZN Japan is lit...Read More
  • The Hand Of Sanders

    This week the fellas have a deeper discussion on the potential Covid issues that may arise in Europe following a rash of high profile positive tests. Does anyone really care about the Nations League? Liverpool goes against...Read More
  • All Dinosaurs Go To Heaven

    The guys are bummed about a certain mascot being given his walking papers on Monday and share that with the listeners Liverpool was given a beat down on Sunday so how does our resident Liverpool supporter handle...Read More
  • The Bird McDonald’s

    This week on your favorite football related podcast the one of the guys is defiant that McDonald’s still serves Fruitopia which leads to shenanigans that the show has never seen Man United set a weird precedent, are...Read More
  • Thomas The Tank Engine, Holding Midfielder

    We finally discover the origins of “A cold rainy night in Stoke” the Premier League kicked off their season, one of our hosts continues to be fascinated by terrible matches, just how abysmal are the LV Lights...Read More