The Other Football Podcast

Hosted by Chris “Magnum” Chapman, Thomas Viola and Carson A Merk

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  • Thomas The Tank Engine, Holding Midfielder

    We finally discover the origins of “A cold rainy night in Stoke” the Premier League kicked off their season, one of our hosts continues to be fascinated by terrible matches, just how abysmal are the LV Lights...Read More
  • Flush The Baggies

    This week the fellas give their predictions for the Premier League season which kicks off this weekend, who will win the league and why, who will go to The Championship and is it possible all 3 agree...Read More
  • One…. Special One

    This week the guys discuss the saga of Leo Messi and his unhappiness with Barcelona, the guys play fantasy and discuss where he could end up when he is able to leave the club Chelsea has made...Read More
  • Ask About My Personality

    This week on the show the fellas discuss the Quarterfinals and Semifinals of the Champions League Was Sterling’s miss bigger than Wondo’s? Are the Lights scoring goals? How comfortable are kimonos?...Read More
  • Placebo Lemonade

    This week the fellas talk about the return of the Champions League and PSG’s improbable victory over Atalanta. The Lights encounter a bit of an issue, MLS has a return to play champ and we give one...Read More
  • The Definition Of Obscure

    This week the Prem is done and we go over some of our preseason predictions, why do 2 of hosts continue to believe in Everton? One of our hosts went in on Man U and looked like...Read More
  • The Canaries Didn’t Escape The Mine

    This week on the show the fellas discuss what game shows they would be good at, the cancellation of the Ballon D’Or, Liverpool get to raise the trophy (finally) Brentford somehow managed to possibly do something worse...Read More
  • Shimizu No Pulse

    This week the fellas discuss Man City beating UEFA and Pep taking shots at everyone in doing so. Is scrapping FFP a good thing? The guys disagree on if it’s a good thing for others in the...Read More
  • Plunder The Lox

    This week the fellas discuss the pirate who has joined the show, is Zlatan’s gimmick played out? Will MLS actually be back? J League restarts and they may have fans very soon plus a wild Serie A...Read More
  • Mix Diskerud, The American Kevin De Bruyne

    This week on the show the fellas dive deep into J2 mascots including one that has a resemblance to one of our hosts alma maters. What would be the worst US national team player jersey one could...Read More