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  • 09/20 Cofield & Co. Hour 3

    Georgia is gonna be a problem for Notre Dame on Saturday! Is Antonio Brown out for good, or will he play again one day? Tim Cates chimes in with insight on The Raiders, AB, and Utah/USC!...Read More
  • 09/20 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    Bossman Tony Miller tells us how the books are doing for NFL Sunday + CFB weekend games! LA Insider Sports by Brooks talks CFB and who he likes in the Utah/USC matchup. RJ Bell’s best bet of...Read More
  • 09/20 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    Antonio Brown gets released from the Patriots an hour before the show! We talk NFL with former player Eric Metcalf and get his reaction to the AB news. Mark McMillian is determined to turn the Cofield &...Read More
  • 09/19 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    Big 5 at 4!!! Steve wants the Jets to sign Kap, shake things up a little! It’s Minshew Mania! Lisa Ann drops Fantasy Football knowledge on us! Brad Powers comes through with some good CFB picks!...Read More
  • 09/19 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    NFL referees sure are friendly with Tom Brady! Antonio Brown answers some media questions for a whopping 59 seconds. Randy Couture drops by to talk about MMA, his charity events and much more!...Read More
  • 09/18 Cofield & Co. Hour 3

    Big 5 at 5!!! #StormArea51 is this Friday! Steve wants nothing to do with it. Ian Rapoport is such a punk. Steve is overjoyed by the Darnold memes craze! Which means Cofield & Co memes are on...Read More
  • 09/18 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    Justin Watkins breaks down cases in the news, plus the Antonio Brown accusations! John Murray talks NFL week 4 favorites/underdogs and who is betting the Dolphins and Jets! Why is Kelly in Vegas like “a female Adam...Read More
  • 09/18 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    It’s Daniel Jones mania! But the Giants are still a mess. Finebaum gets lit up for his ice-cold Cam Newton take! Jason Fitz (ESPN Radio) gets us ready for week 4 of College Football!...Read More
  • 09/17 Cofield & Co. Hour 3

    Big 5 at 5!!!! JVT and his son take a trip to Ikea for the first time. Steve & JVT project their non-playoff bound teams. Did the Jets make the list? Former NFL player Stanford Routt stops...Read More
  • 09/17 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    Caleb Herring breaks down the UNLV FB game with Steve and JVT! We get “regular guy” Browns fan perspective from our Komp family, Brandon Hahn! Tony Nevill checks in from TI Race & Sportsbook with his latest...Read More
  • 09/17 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    OBJ looks like a pretty dynamic player to us! Steve agonizes over his Darnold-less Jets upcoming schedule. Two games against the Patriots. Dustin DeHart from Nova Home Loans joins us with Fantasy Football picks! #TrustUs...Read More
  • 09/16 Cofield & Co. Hour 2 (Big 5 at 4!)

    The Big 5 at 4!! Adam doesn’t disagree with the Jaguars. The Saints get screwed by the refs and lose Drew Brees in the same night. The Steelers really should’ve had a backup plan for Big Ben!...Read More
  • 09/16 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    Steve and Adam recap NFL Sunday and dissect the Raiders loss! Big Ben is out for the season. Is this the end of his career? More Antonio Brown accusations surface, how will this all play out?...Read More
  • 09/13 Cofield & Co. Hour 3

    Popeyes hits rock bottom! Concussions are no big deal for Gronk. What’s up with Cam Newton?? The D-Backs’ NDA with Vegas. Myles Simmons (LV Review-Journal) talks Raiders and the toughness of Johnathan Abram with us!...Read More
  • 09/13 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    Candee gets Mark and Adam’s picks for this weekend’s NFL games! The fellas were not feeling Tim Tebow’s ideas on college athletes getting paid! Mark McMillian hopes to teach Adam how to grill chicken properly!...Read More
  • 09/13 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    TNF takeaways and Cam’s underwhelming arm! Reactions to the news that Antonio Brown will be playing this Sunday. Mark McMillian’s perspective on UNLV Football and their offensive line so far this season!...Read More
  • 09/12 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    Big 5 at 4!!!! Darnold is out indefinitely with mono because well, The Jets. Marshawn Lynch trying new Canadian snacks is the best thing on the internet right now. Brad Powers joins us with plenty of good...Read More
  • 09/12 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    Johnathan Abram is one tough sob! Shea Theodore of the Vegas Golden Knights speaks candidly about his health. Lisa Ann shares some Fantasy Football knowledge with us!...Read More
  • 09/11 Cofield & Co. Hour 3

    Big 5 at 5!!! Nobody seems too concerned that the USA Men’s Basketball team got eliminated! Bill Belichick’s gives the media some very detailed and clear answers on AB. We dig deeper into the AB allegations and...Read More
  • 09/11 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    ESPN Legal Insider Justin Watkins gives Adam some clarity on his Fantasy Football debacle. Lebron James wants his Taco Tuesday! Ariana Grande vs. Forever 21. John Murray goes through NFL Week 1 and plenty of College Football...Read More
  • 09/11 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    There are many layers to the Antonio Brown allegations! Is it possible the Patriots weren’t aware when they signed him?? Aaron Torres (Fox Sports Radio) gives his reactions to the first three weeks of College Football!...Read More
  • 09/10 Cofield & Co. Hour 3

    Big 5 at 5!! Mike Scott visits the City of Brotherly Love. The MNF referee clock debacle! Randall Cunningham has Armani Rogers back. Stanford Routt discusses the Raiders win with us, and some positive takeaways from the...Read More
  • 09/10 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    Caleb Herring drops by with his insight on the UNLV’s loss and Armani Rogers. Sportswriters go at it on twitter, everybody loves some drama! Steve Mikkelson (Rampart Race & Sportsbook) helps us break down week 1 in...Read More
  • 09/10 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    MNF madness! Everyone hated the new down/distance marker graphic. Raiders win 1st game! Gruden says they are not missing AB at all! We go through some Fantasy Football picks with Dustin Dehart! #TrustUs...Read More
  • 09/09 Cofield & Co. – Adam Hill takes us Behind the Patch!

    Adam joins Steve with updates on The Raiders as well as Antonio Brown and his new team....Read More
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