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  • 2/17 Cofield & Co. Hour 3

    Big 5 at 5! The seat-recline debate continues! Yet again, more Tom Brady in Vegas rumors surface! Who’s the bigger clown, MLB commish Rob Manfred or the Astros??...Read More
  • 2/17 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    Coach Joe Esposito says this was one of the best NBA All-Star games ever! UNLV got the job done this weekend against the Lobos! Sports betting – the over/under on HBPs for the Astros is 83 1/2!...Read More
  • 2/17 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    The bad news just keeps coming for the Astros! NBA All-Star weekend recap! And Steve with his anthem prop bets. LA Dodgers announcer Tim Neverett gives his impressions on the Astros and Manfred’s comments!...Read More
  • 2/14 Cofield & Co. Hour 3

    Big 5 at 5! The company grills Steve about Valentine’s Day gifts. Is Dak Prescott worth $40 million? Don’t ask him! Cody Bellinger speaks his mind and a lot of people agree!...Read More
  • 2/14 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    Geoff Grammer checks in with input on Saturday’s UNLV/UNM game! Ryan the Hockey Guy checks in with VGK updates and thoughts on Jeremy Roenick. RJ Bell comes through with the latest sports betting odds!...Read More
  • 2/14 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    Myles Garrett speaks on Mason Rudolph and the N-word. The Astros are taking a lot of heat! We learned a lot about the Nevada caucuses from Gary Tuchman and got his thoughts on VGK and the Astros....Read More
  • 2/13 Cofield & Co. Hour 3

    Big 5 at 5! Snoop apologizes to Gayle King. Jeremy Roenick kinda sorta apologizes, not really. Jose Altuve doesn’t apologize because MLB said there is no buzzer....Read More
  • 2/13 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    Stephen A said it best, “Yall behinds are not champions, you’re cheaters.” LeBron James eats like a king. Patrick Creighton (SB Nation) doesn’t hold back his feelings on the Astros! He says it’s the league’s fault, not...Read More
  • 2/13 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    Jim Crane said a lot of things today. He just didn’t make a lot of sense. Can VGK pull it together for a big win tonight against the Blues? Former Runnin Rebel Donovan Stewart weighs in on...Read More
  • 2/12 Cofield & Co. Hour 3

    Big 5 at 5! The Raiders QB situation and Tom Brady rumors! Mike Pritchard discusses the coaching issues happening at his Alma Mater, Colorado University. Mike Grimala joins the fellas to break down tonight’s Runnin Rebels game!...Read More
  • 2/12 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    Justin Watkins comes by the studio with legal insight on Myles Garrett, the Astros scandal and rape allegations of two Ohio St. football players. Trevor Bauer wants MLB to step their game up! John Murray has college...Read More
  • 2/12 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    NFL draft coming up is gonna be a nightmare for the Vegas workforce. Sed Bonner (ATT Sportsnet) gets us ready for tonight’s UNLV/Reno game! Myles Simmons checks in with his weekly Raiders news and updates!...Read More
  • 2/11 Cofield & Co. Hour 3

    Big 5 at 5! Coach Joe knows MWC and Bobby Knight! Should the Raiders try and get Rivers? Or settle for him, as Pritch says. UH Coach Kelvin Sampson talks college hoops and superstitions!...Read More
  • 2/11 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    Load management – Should LeBron get to do whatever he wants? Jimmy Butler tries to recruit Joel Embid via Instagram. D Wade announces that his child identifies as female. Pritch weighs in on both sides and provides...Read More
  • 2/11 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    Philip Rivers is now a free agent. Do the Chargers really want to win? Jockocracy! Former athletes still have to put in the work. Apparently, Steve can still get down on some Tecmo Bowl!...Read More
  • 2/10 Cofield & Co. Hour 3

    Big 5 at 5! As usual, Ari gets flamed for his picky eating habits. Steve and Adam attempt to give Aaron Rodgers relationship advice. Brett Okamoto (ESPN) breaks down UFC 247 and the controversy resulting from the...Read More
  • 2/10 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    The only Oscars recap you need to hear! Stormy Buonantony talks VGK and the playoffs and she is hopeful Karlsson will return on Tuesday! Sports betting picks and some 2020 DNC odds! Why not?...Read More
  • 2/10 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    How did the refs miss that call in Friday’s Trailblazers game!? Marvin Coleman saves the day for the Runnin Rebels! XFL opening day was awesome! Or really lame, depending who you ask....Read More
  • 2/7 Cofield & Co. Hour 3

    Big 5 at 5! Jessica Mendoza moves on from the Mets. We think that’s a good move. There is a lot to unpack from the comments Gayle King made. XFL is back on Saturday! Are we more...Read More
  • 2/7 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    VGK insider Ryan the Hockey Guy stops by with VGK insight and possible future trades! Tony Miller tells us how the book did for Superbowl 54 and the NBA trade deadline! RJ Bell did great on Superbowl...Read More
  • 2/7 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    NBA trades, and the Rockets come up big with a smaller team! Larry Brown ( reacts to both sides of the Gayle King comments on Kobe. Curtis Terry tells us how the Runnin Rebels can get back...Read More
  • 2/6 Cofield & Co Hour 3

    Big 5 at 5! Jaguars fans are not happy with their two London games next year! AB begins a very, very long apology tour. Don Van Natta Jr. (ESPN senior writer) gives his input on Pete Rose...Read More
  • 2/6 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    There’s no way Kraft and Belichick are on the same page about Tom Brady. Former Dodgers IF/OF Jerry Hairston, Jr. (SportsNet LA) breaks down the crazy Mookie Betts deal and more on MLB! Do as Jon Jones...Read More
  • 2/6 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    Plenty to discuss on today’s NBA trade deadline! The Kelce brothers are way funnier than JJ Watt! Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom shares some insight on Raiders Stadium and UNLV!...Read More
  • 2/5 Cofield & Co. Hour 3 (extended)

    Big 5 at 5! Relax, it’s just a hoodie, bro! Julian Edelman really wants Tom Brady to come back to New England. Tyler Bischoff reacts to UNLV football and National Signing Day!...Read More
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