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  • 11/08 Cofield & Co. Hour 3

    Big 5 at 5!!! Vegas traffic and construction nightmares, just in time for convention season! Adam met Montell Jordan last night and it was everything he expected. A Raiders fan’s undying dedication could also possibly be very...Read More
  • 11/08 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    Curtis Terry (UNLV radio analyst) gets us ready for UNLV vs Kansas State! Everyone is curious if Tua will play tomorrow. Mark says yes! NFL and CFB sports betting picks with RJ Bell!...Read More
  • 11/08 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    The defense came up big in the Raiders win last night! Hall of Famer Rod Woodson joins us to talk NFL! Grilln with McMillian! Mark’s got his signature ribs ready for LSU/Bama on Saturday!...Read More
  • 11/07 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    Big 5 at 4!!! Browns should really give Baker Mayfield some media training! The Raiders deserve better than a C for a mid-season grade, don’t they?? Joe Esposito (former Runnin Rebs Asst. Coach) checks in with his...Read More
  • 11/07 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    Some media and even fans are melting down over NBA load management! Rich Ohrnberger (former NFL player) gives us some input on the Chargers and their upcoming game against the Raiders! Mike McCarthy (Front Office Sports) shares...Read More
  • 11/06 Cofield & Co. Hour 3

    Big 5 at 5!!! Steve’s Vegas voyage for the Popeye’s chicken sandwich! How many CFB games is the president planning on attending!? Adam Hill updates us on the Raiders, injuries and their upcoming game with the Chargers!...Read More
  • 11/06 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    Exavier Pope breaks down the Popeyes madness, a case involving a McDonalds’ CEO and more! Colorado may be the latest state to get legalized sports wagering! John Murray gives his perspective on CFB week 11, Kawhi and...Read More
  • 11/06 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    CFB rankings with JVT – Clemson is not in the top 3! Runnin Rebels look solid in their 1st win in the Coach Otz era! Aaron Torres talks CFB, his thoughts on Tua, Taggert firing and more!...Read More
  • 11/05 Cofield & Co. Hour 3 (extended)

    Big 5 at 5!!! Who’s ready for the London Chargers? Absolutely no one. Stanford Routt’s thoughts on the Raiders, injuries and playoff hopes! Ryan McKinnell & Mike Grimala get us ready for tonight’s UNLV home opener!...Read More
  • 11/05 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    Caleb Herring talks UNLV football and next weekend’s game against Hawaii. The MNF black cat was the biggest star of the night, by far! USC’s new AD may be out after learning Urban Meyer is not an...Read More
  • 11/05 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    Cam Newton is done for the season. Did the Panthers let him down? MNF – Giants: you’re 2-6, stop kicking FGs and go for it! Runnin Rebels Assistant Coach Tim Buckley chats with us about tonight’s home...Read More
  • Grillin with McMillian

    Former NFL player Mark McMillian is a giant foodie and an awesome chef. Cofield & Co. hit the culinary topics of the week with Mighty Mac....Read More
  • 11/04 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    Big 5 at 4!!! NHL makes a kid’s birthday better! We aren’t buying it. Popeyes chicken sandwich is back and driving everyone crazy! This weekend proved that the Patriots are not perfect!...Read More
  • 11/04 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    The Dolphins get their first win of the season! Was the celebration really necessary? Another loss for UNLV FB raises a lot of questions. Adam Hill checks in with Raiders info, injury updates and more from Behind...Read More
  • 11/01 Cofield & Co. Hour 3

    Big 5 at 5!!! Jimmy Garoppolo shoots his shot baby! Adam hates Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick, except on Halloween. Myles Simmons gets us ready for the Raiders and Lions game this weekend!...Read More
  • 11/01 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    Caleb Herring shares his insight on UNLV FB and Saturday’s game at CSU! Steve and Adam are totally stunned by the outcome of a very real Cain Velasquez WWE match! RJ Bell stops by with his picks...Read More
  • 11/01 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    Halloween was tough on VGK and Antonio Clown. Jason Fitz previews this weekend’s CFB games and predicts an SMU upset! Erick Fedde tells us how he’ll be celebrating the Nationals’ World Series victory!...Read More
  • 10/31 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    Big 5 at 4!!! Mattress Mack lost $13 million but still came out a winner! World Series 2020 odds are already out! Where will Gerrit Cole end up? Brad Powers gets us ready for a big weekend...Read More
  • 10/31 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    The World Series is over, Steve is thrilled that Astros lost! Kids are lazy and Halloween is for adults. Adam is big on the Patriots defense for his fantasy football leagues, Lisa Ann approves!...Read More
  • 10/30 Cofield & Co. Hour 3

    Big 5 at 5!!! Bregman’s apology annoys us greatly. Baker Mayfield does not fare too well against the media! Adam Hill takes us Behind the Patch with updates on The Raiders, injuries, Incognito and more!...Read More
  • 10/30 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    Justin Watkins breaks down the NCAA’s decision to allow athletes to get paid! Justin gives input on the taxation of the student-athletes’ income. Steve wants to know why Conor McGregor is still allowed to work in the...Read More
  • 10/30 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    Kawhi did not play last night and sports bettors are mad about it! We are fired up about the runner interference call in World Series game six! Stormy Buonantony won’t tell us what she’ll be for Halloween...Read More
  • 10/29 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    Big 5 at 4!!! Raptors’ former trainer is now their VP! Who is gonna get the #1 pick in the NFL? Steve is fired up about a week 16 Dolphins/Bengals matchup! Mark May says get your flu...Read More
  • 10/29 Cofield & Co. Hour 1

    The Steelers win against the Dolphins doesn’t change much. Blow the Whistle – winners and losers of today’s NFL trading deadline! Dustin DeHart dropped Baker Mayfield! Adam says Pats defense is everything!...Read More
  • 10/28 Cofield & Co. Hour 2

    Big 5 at 4!!! UNLV Runnin Rebels start the season off with a bang! Did Bruce Arians get screwed out of a win because of bad NFL officiating? Which teams in the NFC are currently the best?...Read More
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