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  • Best of The Doug Gottlieb Show: 07/22/2019

    Doug talks about Odell Beckham Jr.’s latest comments about what it takes to succeed in the NFL and questions if he knows what it takes to win in the NFL. He also has more proof that Patriots...Read More
  • What OBJ doesn't understand about winning

    Doug argues that Odell Beckham doesn’t understand what it actually takes to win, despite claiming that’s what is most important to him. Doug also discusses what it is that makes Bill Belichick so great, LSU’s $28 million...Read More
  • Best of The Doug Gottlieb Show for Jul 19, 2019

    Dan Beyer and Jonas Knox fill in for Doug and react to the the NFL deciding to not hand down any discipline to Tyreek Hill for alleged abuse towards his young son. The guys debate whether or...Read More
  • The Doug Gottlieb Show: 07/19/2019

    Dan Beyer and Jonas Knox fill in for Doug on this Friday edition of The Doug Gottlieb Show. The guys discuss Tyreek Hill avoiding a suspension from the NFL and Tiger Woods missing the cut at The...Read More
  • BONUS CONTENT – Tyreek Hill Should Teach Us Patience

    Doug Gottlieb filled in for Colin today, and he reacts to the breaking news in the NFL, as Tyreek Hill will not be suspended a single game and will remain with the Kansas City Chiefs. Jim Harbaugh...Read More
  • Best of The Doug Gottlieb Show for Jul 18, 2019

    Doug talks about Tiger Woods having an awful first round at The Open Championship and why this shouldn’t be surprising given where Woods is at in his career.  He also discusses Ezekiel Elliott and Melvin Gordon holding...Read More
  • Tiger Woods is… not back?

    Doug discusses Tiger Woods struggling in the first round of The Open Championship and tells you what to expect from Woods at this point in his career. He also takes a look at the running backs holding...Read More
  • All Ball – Final Rockets/Westbrook thoughts; KD's puzzling Nets choice; '99 NCAA champ Khalid Al-Amin on U Conn's title run

    Subscribe here to the All Ball with Doug Gottlieb Podcast  This week, Gottlieb gives his final thoughts after having time to digest the Russell Westbrook/Rockets trade, and explains why KD’s reason for choosing the Nets was...Read More
  • Best of The Doug Gottlieb Show for Jul 17, 2019

    Doug discusses Browns QB Baker Mayfield and if he will be able handle the raised expectations for next season. He also wonders why fans crush Kevin Durant for leaving the Thunder but they’re giving Russell Westbrook a...Read More
  • Doug and Baker Mayfield are keeping it real

    Doug tells you why the affinity towards Baker Mayfield’s real and fiery competitiveness covers up his flaws as a quarterback. Doug also discusses Thunder GM, Sam Presti, saying that Russell Westbrook is their most important player in...Read More
  • Best of The Doug Gottlieb Show: 07/16/2019

    Doug addresses the latest round of contract hold outs in the NFL and wants to know why NFL players are never satisfied with their contracts. He also tells you why Dak Prescott is the NFL’s version of...Read More
  • NFL players are never happy

    Doug discusses some of the potential hold outs in the NFL and wonders why NFL players are never satisfied with the contracts they get. He also tells you why Dak Prescott reminds him of Draymond Green. Plus,...Read More

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