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  • Best of The Herd for Jan 23, 2020

    Colin talks about Zion’s debut and how it showed that he is a phenom that is different than other players. He has a crazy conspiracy theory about why the Patriots traded Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers. Fox Sports Radio’s...Read More
  • Zion Williamson, Eli Manning, Bill Belichick, and Matt LaFleur

    Colin talks about why the debut of Zion Williamson was great for the league, why he believes Eli Manning should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, why he feels Bill Belichick possibly traded Jimmy Garoppolo...Read More
  • Best of The Herd for Jan 22, 2020

    Colin talks about Zion making his debut at a time when the NBA really needs it. He explains why the Cowboys giving Dak Prescott the franchise tag makes a lot of sense. Colin doesn’t think Tom Brady is going...Read More
  • The Herd Full Show for Jan 22, 2020

    Colin explains why the NBA needs Zion Williamson, why the rumor of a random GM prefering Ja Morant over Zion is silly, why people bashing Niners HC Kyle Shanahan need to relax, his thoughts on the Cowboys...Read More
  • Best of The Herd for Jan 21, 2020

    If you are a Jimmy Garoppolo doubter then Colin can’t help you because clearly you don’t have an eye for talent. He argues that the pressure in the Super Bowl is on the Chiefs not the 49ers. He thinks...Read More
  • Jimmy Garoppolo, Chiefs-Niners, Matt LaFleur, & QB needs

    Colin defends Niners QB Jimmy Garoppolo while saying his critics can’t see talent. He goes on to explain why he feels the 49ers will be beat the Chiefs, why the Packers have the wrong coach in Matt...Read More
  • Introducing: The Greatest

    The Greatest is a podcast that takes every sports fan’s favorite pastime of discussing, debating, or even all out arguing, who or what are the best of anything relating to sports. From players, teams, games, seasons to...Read More
  • 3 and Out – Andy Delivers; Mahomes' League Now; Shanahan's Earned Rep; Around The League; Mailbag

    In this episode, Middlekauff looks at Andy Reid finally getting back to the Super Bowl after a string of championship game disappointments, why Patrick Mahomes is so unique compared to all other NFL QB’s, why Kyle Shanahan...Read More
  • Best of The Herd for Jan 20, 2020

    Colin talks about how the Packers were always a fraudulent team and had no shot against the 49ers. He thinks Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are the perfect team to take advantage of the newer rules in the...Read More
  • Aaron Rodgers, Chiefs-49ers, and where Colin was right & wrong

    Colin explains why he was never sold on the Green Bay Packers, why Aaron Rodgers isn’t one of his favorite quarterbacks, what to expect when the Chiefs play the 49ers, and where he was right and wrong...Read More
  • Blazing 2 – Championship Weekend

    Colin previews both the AFC and NFC Championship games with RJ Bell of Fox Sports Radio and to find out which side the sharps in Vegas are on and which information you should be looking at...Read More
  • Best of The Herd for Jan 17, 2020

    Colin wants Aaron Rodgers to stop playing it safe and take some risks otherwise the Packers have no shot against the 49ers. He isn’t bothered by Andy Reid not winning a Super Bowl yet because he has almost...Read More
  • Andy Reid, Aaron Rodgers, bad teams, Joe Burrow, and NFL picks

    Colin talks about why Andy Reid is in a must win situation this weekend, why he feels Packers QB Aaron Rodgers should take more risks, the bad teams in the NFL, why Joe Burrow could have a...Read More
  • 3 and Out – Nomad Coaching Life; Joe Brady Express; Reid/Rodgers Pressure; AFC/NFC Championship Previews ATS; Mailbag

    In this episode, Middlekauff explains why football coaches are the ultimate nomads of professional sports coaches, looks at the meteoric rise of Panthers coordinator Joe Brady, why he could be a head coaching candidate next year if...Read More
  • Best of The Herd for Jan 16, 2020

    Colin says he has nothing against the Titans but the Chiefs are exactly what he and the NFL want to see in the Super Bowl. He doesn’t understand why people still doubt Jimmy Garoppolo after winning 21 of...Read More
  • Patrick Mahomes, 49ers, OBJ, NCAA, and Jason Garrett

    Colin explains why we want the Chiefs to beat the Titans this weekend, why he prefers the 49ers offense over the Packers, his thoughts on the arrest warrant for Odell Beckham Jr., why some of the NCAA...Read More
  • All Ball – Kawhi NBA's Best; College Hoop Takes; Air Force HC Dave Pilipovich On Life In Hoops, Program Building

    This week, Gottlieb looks at All-Star stat padding, why Kawhi is the best player in the NBA, his take on this week of college hoop. Air Force Head Coach Dave Pilipovich joins the pod to detail his...Read More
  • Inside the Parker – MLB Sign Stealing Fallout; Appropriate Astros Punishment; Alex Cora Had To Go; Fire Beltran Now

    This week on Inside the (Rob) Parker, Rob discusses the fallout from the MLB sign stealing scandal, why he thinks the Astros punishment was appropriately harsh, the Red Sox firing Alex Cora as a result of his...Read More
  • Best of The Herd for Jan 15, 2020

    Colin says you always have to be prepared because opportunity can happen when you’re young and he thinks the Browns weren’t ready for the best chance they may have for years to come. He has found the perfect...Read More
  • Baker Mayfield, Joe Burrow, LSU, Tom Brady, and Luke Kuechly

    Colin explains why Browns QB Baker Mayfield wasn’t prepared to play, why LSU QB Joe Burrow isn’t as good as some people think and why the Tigers will take a step back next season. Also, he talks...Read More
  • Best of The Herd for Jan 14, 2020

    Joe Burrow is why we love football and Colin explains why. He thinks losing to LSU is actually a good thing for Trevor Lawrence. With new information about Josh McDaniels and the success of young QBs he explains why...Read More
  • LSU, Joe Burrow, winners & losers, and Tom Brady

    Colin discusses LSU’s epic win last night, who the winners and losers are after their victory over Clemson, the journey of QB Joe Burrow, and why Tom Brady should stay in New England. Guests include Joel Klatt,...Read More
  • 3 and Out – Burrow/Eddy O Immortality; Lawrence Dud; Mahomes Avalanche; Niner Tough; Vrabel Is Parcells 2.0; Quick Hits

    In this episode, Middlekauff gives his takeaways from LSU’s national championship game win over Clemson, Joe Burrow’s case for the greatest CFB year ever, Eddy O’s Louisiana immortality, and Trevor Lawrence not rising to the moment. He...Read More
  • Best of The Herd for Jan 13, 2020

    Colin explains why what Patrick Mahomes did on Sunday is sustainable and will last for another decade. He still isn’t sold on the Packers because making an NFC Championship game does not mean they are capable of winning...Read More
  • Patrick Mahomes, Packers, Lamar Jackson, Browns, & where Colin was right & wrong

    Colin discusses the Chiefs comeback win and why every team should want a QB like Patrick Mahomes. He goes on to talk about why he feels the Packers don’t have much of a chance going forward, why...Read More

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