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  • Best of The Herd: 12/10/2019

    Colin defends Carson Wentz who is still winning games despite dealing with a cluster of injuries at receiver. He says everyone has already made their mind up about Belichick and the Patriots as cheaters or as envelope pushers...Read More
  • Eagles, Patriots, Urban Meyer, & the Herd Hierarchy

    Colin explains why the Eagles struggled last night, why he’s impressed with Carson Wentz, why he feels the Patriots latest cheating scandal isn’t a big deal, his thoughts on Urban Meyer possibly going to the NFL, and...Read More
  • 3 and Out – Eagles Comeback; Eli's Return; Niners/Saints Instant Classic; Chiefs/Pats; Baker, Be Quiet; CFB Playoff, Week 14 Recap

    In this episode, Middlekauff reacts to the Eagles MNF comeback to spoil Eli Manning’s return, the Niners/Saints game of the year, what to make of the Chiefs win over the Pats in Foxboro, Lamar Jackson beating Josh...Read More
  • Best of The Herd: 12/09/2019

    Colin explains why the Chiefs winning in New England was unimpressive and doesn’t make him think they can go on to win the Super Bowl. He says the Saints and 49ers have separated from the rest of the...Read More
  • Chiefs, Saints, Browns, Tom Brady, and where Colin was right & wrong

    Colin explains why he was more impressed with the Saints loss, than the Chiefs victory, the continuing saga of drama going on with the Browns, what might happened to Tom Brady at the end of this season,...Read More
  • All Ball – Fizdale Firing; Older College Teams Elevating; Melo Comeback; Listener NBA and College Questions

    This week, Gottlieb discusses the Knicks firing of David Fizdale, why it’s not surprising, and how college teams are winning with a formula of transfers and older, Non-NBA talent, He also answers listener questions, including Carmelo Anthony’s...Read More
  • Blazing 5 – Week 14

    Colin goes over his Blazing 5 picks with RJ Bell of and Fox Sports Radio who tells him which games the wise guys in Vegas agree or disagree with. Here are the games Colin and RJ go...Read More
  • Best of The Herd: 12/06/2019

    Colin talks about the poor coaching in Dallas and why Dak Prescott’s performance is becoming alarming because his numbers are largely based on garbage time. He starts to wonder if the Cowboys head coaching job sounds better than...Read More
  • Cowboys-Bears, Dak Prescott, Jerry Jones, coaching, & the Blazing 5

    Colin discusses the Cowboys-Bears game, what worries him about Dak Prescott, Jerry Jones’ heated radio interview, what is separating average NFL teams from the great ones, and his Blazing 5 picks for the weekend. Guests include Rich...Read More
  • 3 and Out – Cowboys Collapse; Bears' Trubisky Decision; Tepper's Rivera Firing; CEO HC's Dying; USC Settles; Full Week 14 Preview

    In this episode, Middlekauff looks at the Cowboys collapsing on TNF in a bad loss to the Bears, Mitchell Trubisky complicating the Bears decision on him by playing well, why he was impressed with how Panthers owner...Read More
  • Best of The Herd: 12/05/2019

    Colin says both the Bears and Cowboys did the same thing in the off-season that has derailed their 2019 seasons. He thinks mobile QBs are the future not a fad. If the Patriots and Tom Brady do split up...Read More
  • Cowboys-Bears, NBA, Tom Brady, & mobile QBs

    Colin explains how the Cowboys and Bears have made the same mistakes, why the NBA ratings may be down, why Tom Brady is frustrated but has leverage, and why mobile QBs are not a fad. Guests include...Read More
  • 'Boys and Girl – Yahoo NFL's Charles Robinson and former Dallas scout Brian Broadus on Garrett, Replacements, Dak’s Price, Off-Season Contract Reckoning

    On today’s episode of the ‘Boys and Girl Podcast, Jane and Bobby are joined by former Cowboys scout Bryan Broaddus, and Yahoo Senior NFL Reporter Charles Robinson, for a deep-dive on the contract statuses of Jason Garrett...Read More
  • The Cowboys Are The Browns

    Colin explains why the Cowboys are a lot like the Browns, why he’s ok with the new college football rankings, where he thinks Ron Rivera might coach next, and the main problem facing Tom Brady right now....Read More
  • Best of The Herd: 12/04/2019

    Colin explains why the Cowboys are a lot closer to the Browns structurally than people want to admit. He thinks Oklahoma’s lack of playoff success and the poor play in the Big 12 should play a factor in...Read More
  • 'Boys and Girl – Jerry's Jason Garrett Whiplash; Ron Rivera Speculation; Dak Franchise Tag Threat; Week 14 Bears Preview with Chicago Sun Times' Patrick Finley

    On today’s episode of the ‘Boys and Girl Podcast, Jane and Bobby discuss the back-and-forth comments from Jerry Jones about the security of Jason Garrett’s job, and talk about two candidates who have recently come available. Plus,...Read More
  • Best of The Herd: 12/03/2019

    Colin knows what two teams will reach the Super Bowl and they are remarkably similar. He wonders if the Browns have a Freddie Kitchens issue or a Baker Mayfield issue. He explains why the Seahawks and Vikings game on...Read More
  • MNF, Ravens, Patriots, Browns, & the Herd Hierarchy

    Colin discusses the Seahawks-Vikings game, who he feels are the two best teams in the NFL, how the Ravens have improved this year, where the blame lies for the Browns problems this season, who the Patriots should...Read More
  • 3 and Out – Seahawks' Edge; Vikings' Expectations; Niners/Ravens Smashmouth; NFC Least; Chiefs/Pats Showdown; Freddie Punked; Weekend Takeaways

    In this episode, Middlekauff reacts to the Seahawks MNF home win over the Vikings, why they till have a rare organizational edge, why the Vikings can still be a factor in the NFC playoffs, why he was...Read More
  • Best of The Herd: 12/02/2019

    Colin explains the one thing the Patriots need to do to become a Super Bowl favorite again. He says Freddie Kitchens wearing a shirt mocking an embarrassing incident for his team and the league is a special kind...Read More
  • Patriots, Freddie Kitchens, Cowboys, and where Colin was right & wrong

    Colin explains the main problem with the Patriots, why Freddie Kitchens just doesn’t get it and will be fired soon, why the Cowboys shouldn’t be too upset, and where he was right and wrong over the weekend....Read More
  • Best of The Herd: 11/29/2019

    Filling in for Colin, Doug Gottlieb breaks down the Dallas Cowboys issues, Jerry Jones’ thoughts on HC Jason Garrett, what the Saints should consider going forward, and Kyrie Irving’s latest comments and why he’s hard to deal...Read More
  • Jason Garrett, Patriots, Saints, Kyrie Irving, & the Blazing 5

    Filling in for Colin, Doug Gottlieb discusses how much the Cowboys problems are because of HC Jason Garrett and his future, the time for Patriots offense to improve, if it would be wise to rest some of...Read More
  • 3 and Out – NFL Coaching Matters More; Full Week 13 Preview; Mailbag

    In this episode, Middlekauff explains why NFL coaching is so much more important in the NFL than the other major sports, and previews the full slate of Week 13 weekend games. Follow John on twitter @JohnMiddlekauff and...Read More
  • The 'Boys and Girl – Thanksgiving Day Disaster; Michael Bennett Goes Off; Jerry Gets Emotional; Garrett Safe, For Now

    On today’s episode of the ‘Boys and Girl Podcast, Jane and Bobby discuss the fallout from the Cowboys’ disappointing Thanksgiving loss to the Bills, Michael Bennett going off in the locker room after the game, Jerry Jones’...Read More

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