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  • 'Boys and Girl – Aldon Smith Signing/Expectations; Draft Prospect Interviews

    On today’s episode of the ‘Boys and Girl Podcast, Jane and Bobby discuss Dallas’ addition of long-exiled pass rusher Aldon Smith. Can it work with the Cowboys? Plus, Jane and Bobby chat with Texas A&M defensive tackle...Read More
  • Colin chats with Andy Slavitt, Heath Care Policy Expert and former Head of Medicare

    Colin talks with Andy Slavitt, Heath Care Policy Expert and Head of Medicare under President Obama about the cities most effected by COVID-19, the shortage of ventilators and why cities are competing for them. He goes into what...Read More
  • Best of The Herd for Apr 03, 2020

    Doug Gottlieb in for Colin NFL teams are using health as an excuse not to deal with Cam Newton Why the 2006 USC Texas Rose Bowl is like a Will Ferrell movie Rex Ryan was a little...Read More
  • Cam Newton, Tua Tagovailoa, Rose Bowl, Rex Ryan, and the Patriots

    Filling in for Colin, Doug Gottlieb discusses Cam Newton still not being signed, Tua Tagovailoa appearing to be healthy, the 2006 Rose Bowl, Rex Ryan’s comments about Amari Cooper, and the Patriots being hated by so many...Read More
  • 3 and Out – Hard Times; Aldon Smith Risk/Reward; Exec Free Agency Takes; Tua Medicals; Headlines; Mailbag

    In this episode, Middlekauff discusses the dark reality of the massive job losses and far reaching impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the huge risk/reward with the Cowboys signing former Pro Bowl pass rusher Aldon Smith, and the...Read More
  • All Ball – 'The Scheme' Review; Hoops Budgets Hits; Loyola Marymount HC Stan Johnson on Escaping War Torn Liberia, Culture Building

    In this episode, Doug gives his review of ‘The Scheme’ HBO documentary detailing Christian Dawkins and the FBI pay for play investigation, why he doesn’t understand people who see Dawkins as a hero, and how college hoops...Read More
  • Best of The Herd for Apr 02, 2020

    Doug Gottlieb in for Colin The Cowboys did things out of order and now they have to take big risks The Patriots won’t make the same mistakes other teams make by overpaying a QB NBA Playoffs in...Read More
  • Cowboys, Patriots, and the NBA

    Filling in for Colin, Doug Gottlieb explains what the Dallas Cowboys are doing wrong, what the New England Patriots will never do, and what he would do for the NBA playoffs. Guests include Greg Cosell, Mark Schlereth,...Read More
  • Best of The Herd for Apr 01, 2020

    The NFL Draft will be great for us as sports fans despite what twitter says The Bengals should but can’t trade the #1 pick Belichick told you 29 years ago why he doesn’t want Cam Newton Guest:...Read More
  • NFL draft, Bengals-Dolphins, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady

    Colin explains why he approves of the NFL still having their draft, his thoughts on the possible trade between the Bengals and the Dolphins, why Bill Belichick isn’t interested in Cam Newton, and his thoughts on Tom...Read More
  • Michael Jordan, Roger Goodell, Cam Newton, & Tua Tagovailoa

    Colin talks about the popularity of Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls, why he agrees with Roger Goodell about the message he is sending, the truth about his relationship with the Los Angeles Chargers, and why he would draft...Read More
  • Best of The Herd for Mar 31, 2020

    Michael Jordan’s Bulls reached a level of popularity no dynasty could ever match Roger Goodell is doing the right thing but creating a unified message  Colin disputes a story that he is being controlled by the Chargers ...Read More
  • 3 and Out – Coronavirus Draft Obstacles/Opportunity; Brady/Tampa Tinder Dating; Mini Mock; Mailbag

    In this episode, Middlekauff explains why NFL GM’s complaining through the media should just shut up and get ready, why Tampa is a short term rebound relationship for Tom Brady after a long marriage to New England,...Read More
  • Inside the Parker – No Neutral Site World Series; Shortened Season Legit; Missing Opening Day; Guests – Cecil Fielder, David Justice

    This week on Inside the (Rob) Parker, Rob doesn’t like the idea of a neutral site World Series, but thinks a shortened season under the circumstances is legit. He also talks with World Series champs Cecil Fielder...Read More
  • Best of The Herd for Mar 30, 2020

    The media’s perception of Cam Newton is much better than reality Only bad NFL GMs will use the lack of meetings with draft prospects as an excuse  Using one location for the remainder of the NBA season...Read More
  • Cam Newton, GMs, NBA, and where Colin was right and wrong

    Colin discusses why Cam Newton is no longer as good as most people think, why it is important for GMs to learn new technology, why playing the remainder of the NBA season in one place is a...Read More
  • Best of The Herd for Mar 27, 2020

    NBA Players need to come to terms with the reality that games will be played without fans NFL doesn’t care about twitter and it’s great The Cowboys giving Dak Prescott a big contract ensures mediocrity Kirk Herbstreit...Read More
  • Coronavirus, NBA season, NFL draft, Dak Prescott

    Colin discusses the NBA season going on without fans, why it must return soon, why the NFL draft not being pushed back is the right call, Dak Prescott possibly becoming the highest paid player in the league,...Read More
  • 3 and Out – Peyton's MNF Stiff Arm; Cam Deserved Better From Carolina; Rhule Red Flags; XXL Mailbag

    In this episode, Middlekauff explains why Peyton Manning would have been a guaranteed superstar MNF analyst, why his passing on the gig looks like he wants to run a team, why he has questions Matt Rhule’s NFL...Read More
  • Best of The Herd for Mar 26, 2020

    The Cowboys have no safety net if they screw up the draft There is a reason why Jameis Winston and Cam Newton can’t find jobs and it’s not statistical Scott Boras has the worst idea in the...Read More
  • Cowboys, QBs, MLB, and the Patriots

    Colin explains why the Cowboys have no margin for error, why QBs Jameis Winston and Cam Newton haven’t been signed yet, why shorting the upcoming MLB season is a good idea, and why the Patriots will most...Read More
  • All Ball – No Coronavirus Redshirt; Wyoming HC Jeff Linder Paying Coaching Dues, Finding Damian Lillard; Offensive Philosophy, Program Building,

    In this episode, Doug explains why he doesn’t think the idea of allowing a Coronavirus redshirt for seniors is realistic. His guest is Wyoming Head Coach Jeff Linder who discusses playing against Chauncey Billups while growing up...Read More
  • Best of The Herd for Mar 25, 2020

    LeBron is the reason the NBA will not cancel it’s season Experts have now compared Joe Burrow to Brady, Manning and Montana and Colin loses his mind NFL GMs want the draft pushed back and Colin is...Read More
  • NBA, LeBron James, Joe Burrow, NFL draft

    Colin explains why the NBA shouldn’t cancel the season, why a shorten season wouldn’t tarnish LeBron winning a title, his thoughts on Joe Burrow being compared to the greats, and why the NFL draft should not be...Read More
  • All Ball – Baylor HC Scott Drew On Coronavirus, Tourney Shutdown, What If's, Rebuilding Philosophy, Valpo Buzzer Beater

    In this episode, Doug is joined by Baylor Head coach Scott Drew, who reacts to the abrupt end of the college basketball season from the COVID-19 pandemic and how his players are handling the layoff. He also...Read More

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