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  • 3 and Out – Refs Ruin MNF; Shanahan Dominates McVay; Chargers' L.A. Disaster; Cowboys/Eagles Preview; Baker's Bad Again

    In this episode, Middlekauff examines the refs ruining MNF with some egregious calls against the Lions, how Kyle Shanahan dominated Sean McVay, why L.A. has been a disaster for the Chargers, his early take on the big...Read More
  • Best of The Herd: 10/14/2019

    Colin is not as concerned with the Cowboys as everyone else and explains why. He is not surprised by the browns struggles because everyone who doesn’t live in Ohio saw this coming for Baker and the Browns....Read More
  • NFL surprises, Cowboys, Browns, and where Colin was right & wrong

    Colin discusses the surprises happening in the NFL, the Cowboys problems against the Jets, why he isn’t surprised with the Browns, and where he was right and wrong over the weekend. Guests include Antonio Cromartie, Trent Dilfer,...Read More
  • Blazing 5 – Week 6

    Colin is off to his best ever start to a season with his Blazing 5 and he loves his week 6 picks.  RJ Bell of and Fox Sports Radio tells him which games the wise guys...Read More
  • Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Panthers, OBJ, & the Blazing 5

    Colin defends the New England Patriots offense, he explains why the gap between Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson is closer than you think, when teams decide to move on from a player, his thoughts on how the...Read More
  • Best of The Herd: 10/11/2019

    Colin says the Patriots offense was impressive on Thursday night considering the weather conditions and the cast of undrafted receivers Tom Brady was throwing to. He thinks the gap between Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson is not...Read More
  • 3 and Out – 6-0 Pats Can Improve; Danny INT's; Burrow Over Herbert?; Full Week 6 Preview; Mailbag

    In this episode, Middlekauff looks at New England’s systematic TNF win over the Giants, why the 6-0 Pats still have plenty of room for improvement, why people should hold off on judging Daniel Jones until he gets...Read More
  • All Ball – NBA/China Controversy, Massive Financial Fallout With Darren Rovell; Lakers, Clippers, Warriors Previews

    This week, Gottlieb looks at the rapidly growing controversy between the NBA and China, stemming from Rockets GM Daryl Morey’s tweet, and discusses the massive financial fallout with Action Network sports business reporter Darren Rovell, Doug also...Read More
  • Best of The Herd: 10/10/2019

    Colin does not blame Clayton Kershaw for the Dodgers loss, he blames the manager for not putting Kershaw in a position to win. He applauds Jerry Jones for how he is handling Dak Prescott’s contract situation and...Read More
  • Dodgers, Dak Prescott, Patriots, and Marquee 3

    Colin discusses the major mistake the Dodgers did in their loss to the Nationals, how Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is probably dealing with QB Dak Prescott’s contract, the best players in tonight’s Patriots-Giants game, and his new...Read More
  • Best of The Herd: 10/09/2019

    Colin says there are 10 QBs in the NFL that have leverage in contract negotiations and Dak Prescott is not one of them. He argues that the Browns have actually gotten some breaks this year and are...Read More
  • QB contracts, Browns, Tom Brady-Patrick Mahomes, & Brian Kelly

    Colin explains witch NFL players have leverage when it comes to their contract, why he feels the Cleveland Browns are the luckiest team in the NFL, why he disagrees with NFL executives who picked Patrick Mahomes over...Read More
  • Inside the Parker: Rays Stay Alive; 3 LDS Game 5's; Rob's Top 3 Playoff Teams; Dodgers/Nats Game 5 Preview

    This week on Inside the (Rob) Parker, Rob previews a trio of Divisional Round Game 5’s after the Rays took Game 4 against Houston to force an elimination game, the Nationals/Dodgers, and Braves/Cardinals deciding matchups, He also...Read More
  • Best of The Herd: 10/08/2019

    Colin talks about Baker Mayfield’s awful night in San Francisco and why he’s regressing and might have already hit his ceiling in the NFL. He also thinks the Browns should trade Odell Beckham Jr. for offensive line...Read More
  • Baker Mayfield, Browns, 49ers, & the Herd Hierarchy

    Colin discusses the Cleveland Browns-San Francisco 49ers Monday night game, the issues with the Browns, and why he feels they should trade Odell Beckham Jr.. He also explains the strengths of the Niners, and his new Herd...Read More
  • 3 and Out – Niners' MNF Statement; Browns Embarrassed; Garrett Coaching Scared; Packers Legit; Give Gruden Credit; Mailbag

    In this episode, Middlekauff looks at why the 49ers total domination of the Browns on Monday Night Football, Jason Garrett’s vanilla coaching style, why the Packers are for real, why bad officiating is here to stay, the...Read More
  • Best of The Herd: 10/07/2019

    Colin says Dak Prescott is a franchise QB but just isn’t good enough to win a Super Bowl. He criticizes Aaron Rodgers for taking an unnecessary shot at Mike McCarthy after beating the Cowboys yesterday. He explains...Read More
  • Dak Prescott, Aaron Rodgers, Chiefs, and where Colin was right & wrong

    Colin explains why Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott is most likely losing money, why he doesn’t like Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers’ post game comments, the possible problems with the Kansas City Chiefs, and where he...Read More
  • Blazing 5 – Week 5

    Week 4 was another winning week for Colin’s Blazing 5 so he tries to keep it rolling with his week 5 picks.  RJ Bell of and Fox Sports Radio tells him which picks the wise guys...Read More
  • Best of The Herd: 10/04/2019

    Colin points out how football looks almost effortless for Russell Wilson who never looks like he’s feeling any pressure. He says Jared Goff is clearly not the problem with the Rams even though he is an easy...Read More
  • Russell Wilson, Rams, Aaron Rodgers, and the Blazing 5

    Colin discusses the Rams-Seahawks game, the great play of QB Russell Wilson, the problems with the Rams, what Packers QB Aaron Rodgers needs to do, and his Blazing 5 picks for the weekend. Guests include Hulk Hogan,...Read More
  • 3 and Out – TNF Thriller; Legion of Russ; McVay/Goff Still Impressive; Stefon Diggs Drama; Week 5 Preview; Mailbag

    In this episode, Middlekauff gives his take on the TNF nail biter win for the Seahawks over the Rams, how Russell Wilson continues to carry Seattle, and why he was impressed with Sean McVay and Jared Goff...Read More
  • Best of The Herd: 10/03/2019

    Colin explains why the one thing nobody in the NFL can figure out is how to stop Russell Wilson.  He points out that most NFL players want to play in New England despite the fact that they...Read More
  • Rams-Seahawks, Patriots, and the Cowboys

    Colin talks about the Rams-Seahawks game tonight, why he feels QB Russell Wilson is underrated, why several players want to play for the Patriots, what’s concerning about the Dallas Cowboys loses, and his top three college football...Read More
  • All Ball – New Pay For Play Law Gets It Wrong; NBA Workout Guru Rob McClanaghan Talks Training Steph, KD, LeBron

    This week, Gottlieb explains why he’s opposed to the recently passed California legislation that aims to pay college players for their names and likeness, and talks with NBA workout guru to the stars Rob McClanaghan about his...Read More

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