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  • DPS-BEST OF- Oct 27, 2020

    On Today’s episode of the Dan Patrick Show, DP Recaps Monday’s night Matchup between the Bears and Rams. Can the Bears make the playoffs as they’re currently assembled? We’re joined by Chargers QB Justin Herbert and Cardinals...Read More
  • HOUR 1- Oct 27, 2020

    Dan says that the Tampa Bay Rays should try to get deep into the Dodgers bull pen. Dan says that the Dodgers really need to focus on winning game 6 and not worry about game 7. Learn...Read More
  • HOUR 2- Justin Herbert Oct 27, 2020

    Justin Herbert tells Dan that he is staying in a hotel because he had to evacuate due to the fires in his area. Justin tells Dan that he only had a minute to adjust and get ready...Read More
  • HOUR 3- Budda Baker Oct 27, 2020

    Budda Baker tells Dan that while he was running; he was watching himself on the jumbo tron and that Seahawks DK Metcalf was actually closer to him than it appeared. Budda Says that he expects his coach...Read More
  • DPS-BEST OF- Oct 26, 2020

    On Today’s episode of the Dan Patrick Show, DP recaps the weekend that was in sports. Has Clayton Kershaw redeemed himself in the playoffs? How would Dan have reacted if he were one of Andy Dalton’s teammates? We’re...Read More
  • HOUR 1- Tim Cowlishaw Oct 26, 2020

    Tim Cowlishaw talks to dan about the downfall of the Dallas Cowboys. Tim says wait til the Steelers come to Dallas; Tim says that there will be more Steelers fans in the stands than Cowboys fans. Learn...Read More
  • HOUR 2- Chris Simms Oct 26, 2020

    Chris Simms tells Dan that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the definitely the cream of the crop in the NFC. Chris says that its not Sam Darnold’s fault, but he will not be the starting QB for...Read More
  • HOUR 3- Oct 26, 2020

    Dan talks about how impressed he is with Kyler Murray and his big win over Seattle. Dan talks about the injury to Odell Beckham Jr and the down fall of the Dallas Cowboys. Learn more about your...Read More
  • DPS-BEST OF- Oct 23, 2020

    On Today’s episode of the Dan Patrick Show, DP recaps last night’s Eagles/Giants game and previews opening week in Big Ten Football. Can the Eagles maintain their lead in the NFC East? Will the BIG Ten have...Read More
  • HOUR 1- Mike Florio and Ross Tucker Oct 23, 2020

    Mike Florio tells Dan that Daniel Jones has no awareness in the pocket or while he was running in wide open field. Mike says the Giants will need to look at new QB possibilities. Ross Tucker says...Read More
  • HOUR 2- Brady Quinn Oct 23, 2020

    Brady Quinn talks to Dan about the start of the Big 10 schedule. Brady tells Dan that Ohio St. has a real good chance of competing for the National Championship. Learn more about your ad-choices at More
  • HOUR 3- Rob Manfred Oct 23, 2020

    MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred tells Dan that he would really like to expand the playoffs. The Commissioner tells Dan that he is glad that the league was able to settle and achieve the 60 regular season games....Read More
  • DPS-BEST OF- Oct 22, 2020

    On Today’s episode of the Dan Patrick Show, DP recaps Game 2 on the World Series between the Dodgers and Rays. Why did the Dodgers use an opener last night? Why aren’t starters going more than 5...Read More
  • HOUR 1- Al Leiter Oct 22, 2020

    Al Leiter tells Dan where pitching is going in the major leagues. Al says using 5 or 6 different pitchers is not fun to watch. Al says the analytics decisions are being forced on managers. Al tells...Read More
  • HOUR 2- Oct 22, 2020

    Dan talks about the changes in Major League Baseball. Dan does not like the way batter approach hitting against the shift. Dan Talks about how analytics has effected the way the game is played today. Learn more...Read More
  • HOUR 3- Tim Livingston Oct 22, 2020

    Tim Livingston tells Dan he believes that David Stern and the NBA leaked the Tim Donaghy story to the press. Tim says that David Stern had a great way of silencing the Tim Donaghy story so it...Read More
  • DPS-BEST OF- Oct 21, 2020

    On Today’s episode of the Dan Patrick Show, DP recaps Game 1 of the World Series. We finally saw the real Clayton Kershaw show up in a playoff game, how can the Dodgers build off that momentum?...Read More
  • HOUR 1- Bruce Arians Oct 21, 2020

    Tampa Bay Head Coach Bruce Arians and Dan reflect on Bruce’s running ability as a QB while in college. Bruce tells Dan that he and Gronk get along well although he some times wonders if Gronk’s elevator...Read More
  • HOUR 2- Jane Slater and Jessica Mendoza Oct 21, 2020

    Jane Slater talks to Dan about the injuries on the Cowboys but says it is frustrating to see lack of effort on the defensive side of the ball. Jane says if you look at the film, you...Read More
  • HOUR 3- Adam Beasley Oct 21, 2020

    Adam Beasley tells Dan that had their been an off season in the NFL that Tua would have perhaps been the day 1 starter for the Dolphins. Adam says that it was just time to start working...Read More
  • DPS-BEST OF- Oct 20, 2020

    On Today’s episode of the Dan Patrick Show, DP recaps last night’s NFL Action. With the NFC continuing to look messy Dan wants to propose a new rule for next season. We’re joined by former NFL Lineman Ross...Read More
  • HOUR 1- Ross Tucker Oct 20, 2020

    Ross Tucker says the conditions were not that bad for the Chiefs and Bills game, but he does think the weather was a factor. Ross says he is disappointed in Josh Allen. Ross tells Dan that every...Read More
  • HOUR 2- Andrew Brandt Oct 20, 2020

    Andrew Brandt tells Dan about NFL teams that are not using their resources wisely. Andrew says the Vikings are the most disappointing team in the NFL. Andrew says NFL coaches do not make good generals managers except...Read More
  • HOUR 3- Doc Emrick Oct 20, 2020

    Doc Emrick; who is about to retire, talks to Dan about Ted Williams and the different era’s of major league baseball. Doc says he can not understand why hitters do not try to lay down the bunt...Read More
  • BEST OF – Oct 19, 2020

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