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  • The Dan Patrick Show-BEST OF-for Aug 07, 2020

    “Happy Meat Friday! DP and the boys recap last night’s NBA action and take a look at the Jim Harbaugh/Ryan Day exchange. Their joined by HOF-er Reggie Miller and PGA Pro Alex Knoll. Plus they look back...Read More
  • HOUR 3-Alex Knoll 080720

    Alex Knoll who is a golf instructor and a math teacher tells Dan how he found out that he qualified for to compete in a major PGA Championship. Alex said he just happen to click on the...Read More
  • HOUR 2- Pat Forde 080720

    Pat Forde tried to come up with something positive to tell Dan about the upcoming football season. Pat says that he is confident that the season will start but not sure how or if it will end...Read More
  • HOUR 1- Reggie Miller 080720

    Reggie Miller tells Dan that he is still perfecting his jump shot because even golfers still take lessons. Reggie pick the Clippers over the Lakers and he tells Dan that its because of depth on the bench....Read More
  • HOUR 1-080620

    Dan talks about if college football will have a season. Dan thinks that if major league baseball has one more outbreak, major league baseball should shut it down. Learn more about your ad-choices at More
  • HOUR 2- Dan Dakich 080620

    Dan Dakich wants to know why Dan has not been talking about the Indiana Pacers. Dakich gives Dan all the reasons for why the Pacers should be considered more seriously, but when pressed; Dakich admits that Milwaukee...Read More
  • HOUR 3-Randy Edsall and Notah Begay III 080620

    Randy Edsall joins Dan Patrick to defend the decision to opt out of the 2020 football season. He says money is the only reason to play this season and that’s not worth risking the health of the student...Read More
  • HOUR 3- Adam Lefkoe 080520

    Adam Lefkoe says he judges young NBA players by how the great NBA players talks about a great young player. Adam tells Dan that Dallas Maverick Luka Doncic is great and going to be great for a...Read More
  • HOUR 2- Mike Florio 080520

    Mike Florio talks to Dan about players who are getting false positives and false negative corona test results. Mike tells Dan that fans returning to the stands looks like it will be on a state government by...Read More
  • HOUR 1- Brett McMurphy 080520

    Brett McMurphy clears up a joke and tells Dan that his statement about a Big10 rule is not true. Brett feels that every conference will do whats best for their conference when it comes to college football....Read More
  • HOUR 3- Mike Tyson 080420

    Mike Tyson tells Dan how he ended up with a scheduled 8 round exhibition with Roy Jones Jr. Mike says he really never saw fear in an opponent he was about to box; but Mike says it...Read More
  • Hour 2 Alex Caruso and Joey Bosa 080420

    Los Angeles Lakers Alex Caruso tells Dan how he was welcomed to the NBA by Kevin Durant. Joey Bosa ask Dan for ideas on what he should buy with all of his new contract money. Joey says...Read More
  • HOUR 1 080420

    Dan talks about major league baseball as a season on the brink. Dan says first there was the Marlins and now the Cardinals. Learn more about your ad-choices at More
  • Hour 3 Chris Mannix 080320

    Chris Mannix tells Dan that Zion’s reductions in minutes played is due to him being gone 13 days from the team more so than his knee injury. Chris says the Pelicans fear that Zion could get a...Read More
  • Hour 2 Pete Thamel 080320

    Pete Thamel tells Dan about the what the players from the Pac-12 were demanding and what they can expect. Pete says the Big-10 is waiting on a big failure from MLB to help guide their decision to...Read More
  • Hour 1 Tom Verducci 080320

    Tom Verducci tells Dan that major league baseball is having some success on the field. Tom says baseball players are being told that they cannot get together for pizza and drinks after a game. Learn more about...Read More
  • Hour 3 – Bob Nightengale and Matt Ryan (07-31-20)

    Bob Nightengale tells Dan that major league baseball does not seem to know what is going on with the Marlins. Bob said that is is believed that the Marlins contracted the covid virus while in Atlanta; but...Read More
  • Hour 2 – Pat Forde (07-31-20)

    Pat Forde says that the Pac 12 will announce their schedule today and that is good news. Pat says we may not have a finish but we at least will have a schedule announcement. Learn more about...Read More
  • Hour 1 – Chris Haynes (07-31-20)

    Chris Haynes talks to Dan about the restart of the NBA. Chris says the crowd noise is too loud in the stadium and the players done react to it. Chris says it was weird to see NBA...Read More
  • Hour 3 – Ben Golliver and Bill Shakin (07-30-20)

    Ben Golliver says the Zion question is a strange situation. Ben Says the Pelicans will be extra careful with Zion because they have so much invested in him. Bill Shakin says the Dodgers were not thrilled to...Read More
  • Hour 2 – Dr Allen Sills (07-30-20)

    Dr Allen Sills tells Dan that the NFL is learning from other sports as they watch the handling of corona virus outbreaks. The Dr says that they are committed to making sure the NFL is as safe...Read More
  • Hour 1 – Reggie Miller (07-30-20)

    Reggie Miller tells Dan about his life in the bubble. Reggie says the key is to watch the officials. Reggie says the fans can some times sway a refs next calls; so with no fans in the...Read More
  • Hour 3 – Rudy Gobert (07-29-20)

    Rudy Gobert tells Dan that he had fear and was angry and scared when he found out that he had the corona virus. Rudy said that he saw the harshest criticism of himself on social media. Learn...Read More
  • Hour 2 – Jeff Passan and Michael Phelps (07-29-20)

    Jeff Passan talks to Dan about Joe Kelly. Jeff says it would be hard to prove the intent of Joe Kelly in throwing the ball at the head of an Houston Astros player. Jeff says that Joe...Read More
  • Hour 1 – Tom Curran (07-29-20)

    Tom Curran says yes the patriots will be watching how well Tom Brady does in Tamp Bay. Tom says the patriots definitely want to be better than the buccaneers. Learn more about your ad-choices at More

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