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  • Hour 3 – Neil Paine (06-02-20)

    Neil Paine tells Dan that the 4 billion dollar loss that the MLB owners are claiming they will lose does not add up. Neil walks Dan thru a couple possible scenarios, but says the numbers just don’t...Read More
  • Hour 2 – Kareem Abdul Jabbar (06-02-20)

    Kareem Abdul Jabbar tell Dan about the first time he met Muhammad Ali on Sunset Avenue during his Freshman year at UCLA. Kareem says he was walking down Sunset and saw Ali on the sidewalk entertaining some...Read More
  • Hour 1 – (06-02-20)

    Dan talks about the plan of Major League Baseball to play games this season. Dan thinks that they will agree on about 80 games and start playing games by the end of June. Learn more about your...Read More
  • Hour 3 – (06-01-20)

    Players aren’t weaponizing the George Floyd incident, they’re personalizing it, and sport teams are looking at hefty cost to get seasons underway, with precautionary testing for Covid 19. NFL looking at upwards of $10 Million for possibly...Read More
  • Hour 2 – Will Baseball get out of its own way? (06-01-20)

    Will Baseball get out of its own way? MLB is unaware of their market share, popularity doesnt compete with NBA/NFL/NHL Postponed seasons, Should NBA judge players by Shooting % instead of total points? The best players score...Read More
  • Hour 1 – Reaction to Protests (06-01-20)

    Dan weighs in on the protests that broke out nationwide over the weekend, asterisks in sports in 2020, and mic’ing up players & coaches when sports return. Learn more about your ad-choices at More
  • Hour 3 – Rebecca Lowe (05-29-20)

    Rebecca Lowe and Dan discuss the fact that soccer is back and that Liver Pool is going to win the Premiere League. Dan dropped the bomb that there really is NO “S” in Ulyssess S Grant’s name;...Read More
  • Hour 2 – Sam Mellinger (05-29-20)

    Sam Mellinger tells Dan that the Kansas City Chiefs number one goal is to sign Patrick Mahomes to a long term contract. Sam says he is confident that the Chiefs will make Patrick Mahomes the highest paid...Read More
  • Hour 1 – (05-29-20)

    Dan Patrick says he is not buying the script that Matt LaFleur and the Green Bay Packers are selling. Dan says the Packers are making plans to move on with out Aaron Rodgers. Learn more about your...Read More
  • Hour 1 – Albert Breer (05-28-20)

    Albert Breer and Dan talk about the decision by NFL owners not to add the sky judge this upcoming season. Albert tells Dan that he did not know that during the Super Bowl; there is extra officials...Read More
  • Hour 3 – Jerry West (05-28-20)

    Jerry West says his birthday is the same day as his wedding anniversary. Jerry is 82 years old and has been married for 42 years. Jerry talks about the Jordan mental toughness and the Mamba attitude; and...Read More
  • Hour 2 – Steve Phillips (05-28-20)

    Steve Phillips explains to Dan on why the MLB is at a stale-mate. He says players are more united than the owners give them credit for. Learn more about your ad-choices at More
  • Hour 3 – Gary Bettman (05-27-20)

    NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman says the reason for the 24 team playoff format is due to the fact that they had so many bubble teams and this is the fair way to resolve that issue. Bettman says...Read More
  • Hour 2 – Phil Mickelson (05-27-20)

    Phil Mickelson talks about the golf event from this past weekend. He says Tom Brady had the best shot of the day. Phil tells Dan that he is open to being mic’d during regular golf open events....Read More
  • Hour 1 – Tony Dungy (05-27-20)

    Former NFL head coach Tony Dungy and Dan discuss Dean Blandino’s comments about breaking the glass; and the roll of the sky judge. Coach Dungy tells Dan that he has never been a fan of replay. Learn...Read More
  • Hour 3 – Dean Blandino (05-26-20)

    Dean Blandino tries to help Dan understand the roll of the sky judge and how it will work in the NFL upcoming season. Dean says yes there is times that he would break the glass and buzz...Read More
  • Hour 2 – (05-26-20)

    Dan talks about the new audio that confirmed that Michael Jordan did not want Isiah Thomas on the Dream Team. Dan says that the real story is that Chuck Daly did not want Isiah on the team...Read More
  • Hour 1 – Charles Barkley (05-26-20)

    Charles Barkley tells Dan all about his golf outing from this past weekend that included Tom Brady and Tiger Woods. Charles Believes that the NBA is definitely going to play and finish this season. Barkley says the...Read More
  • Hour 3 – Ric Bucher (05-25-20)

    With Dan & the Dannettes off, Jason Smith and Doug Gottlieb fill in. They talk about Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning winning “The Match” over Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady. They discuss the return of the NBA...Read More
  • Hour 2 -Scott Miller (05-25-20)

    With Dan & the Dannettes off, Jason Smith and Doug Gottlieb fill in. They talk about the NFL’s plans to start the season with fans in attendance. MLB columnist Scott Miller joins the show to discuss return...Read More
  • Hour 1 – Remembering Eddie Sutton (05-25-20)

    With Dan & the Dannettes off, Jason Smith and Doug Gottlieb fill in. They discuss Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning winning The Match over Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady. They discuss the potential return of the NBA...Read More
  • Hour 1 – Chris Webber (05-22-20)

    Chris Webber tells Dan some fun stories from his days of playing Michael Jordan; including the time Michael was smoking a cigar in the tunnel as Webber and Howard were getting off the team bus. Learn more...Read More
  • Hour 3 – Sam Smith (05-22-20)

    Writer and author of “The Jordan Rules”Sam Smith details the difficult history between Horace Grant and Michael Jordan and says that M.J.’s most infamous game is nothing but a lie! Learn more about your ad-choices at More
  • Hour 2 – Wright Thompson (05-22-20)

    The Author of History of Flight Wright Thompson tells Dan that Michael Jordan is really a country boy when you search his roots. Wright says that History of Flight was planned to come out when it did....Read More
  • Hour 3 – Denny Hamlin (05-21-20)

    Denny Hamlin says that nobody in Nascar has as much competitive drive as him. Denny says that although he is buddy’s with Michael Jordan, he has never been able to get MJ into a Nascar. Denny also...Read More

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