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  • 01/18/21 DPS Best Of

    On Today’s Dan Patrick Show, DP recaps the weekend that was in the NFL Playoffs. Does he think this is truly the last time we’ll see Drew Brees on an NFL field? Troy Aikman zooms in to...Read More
  • 01/18/21 DPS Hour 1 Troy Aikman

    Troy Aikman tells Dan that his advice would be to Drew Brees would be take some time away from the game and take his time to decide what he wants to do. Learn more about your ad-choices...Read More
  • 01/18/21 DPS Hour 2 Louis Riddick

    Louis Riddick tells Dan that for some reason Eric Bieniemy is not getting looks for a head coaching job. Louis says that he hopes its not about not hiring people that look like you, Louis says there...Read More
  • 01/18/21 DPS Hour 3

    Dan talks about how he does not like the rule that gives the ball to the defense when the offense fumbles out of the back of the end zone. Dan says he would like to see the...Read More
  • 01/15/21 DPS Best Of

    On Today’s Dan Patrick Show we had a jam packed guest list. New Head Coach of the Texas Longhorns Steve Sarkisian joined us to discuss his success at Alabama, and his journey back to becoming a Head Coach. Sideline...Read More
  • 01/15/21 DPS Hour 1

    Dan talks about the big 3 in New Jersey. Dan says he does not understand why most are calling the Nets the best big 3 combo of all time. Learn more about your ad-choices at More
  • 01/15/21 DPS Hour 2 Steve Sarkisian and Michele Tafoya

    Steve Sarkisian tells Dan how he plans to out recruit Nick Saban now that he is the new head coach at Texas. Michele Tafoya tells Dan about the worse weather she is ever worked in. Learn more...Read More
  • 01/15/21 DPS Hour 3 Tony Boselli and Michael Wilbon

    Tony Boselli tells Dan that his phone never rung for a Jaguars coaching position. Tony says that Urban Meyer will have to earn his NFL credibility. Michael Wilbon tells Dan that New Jersey has a big fat...Read More
  • 01/14/21 DPS Best Of

    On today’s Dan Patrick Show, DP recaps the blockbuster trade that sent James Harden to Brooklyn. ESPN’s Tim MacMahon discusses why James didn’t end up in Philly. Nets’ Studio Host Frank Isola joins to break down the trade...Read More
  • 01/14/21 DPS Hour 1 Tim MacMahon

    Tim MacMahon tells Dan how James Harden burned his way out of Houston. Tim says Doc Rivers and Simmons are the winners because the Sixers wont have James Harden. Learn more about your ad-choices at More
  • 01/14/21 DPS Hour 2 Frank Isola

    Frank Isola tells Dan that the Nets can not count on Kyrie so that’s why they brought in James Harden. Frank says KD is a real superstar and will make it work and Harden will fit in....Read More
  • 01/14/21 DPS Hour 3 Charles Barkley and Nick Wright

    Charles Barkley tells Dan that he still thinks that the Big 3 in New Jersey will not work. Charles says he cant wait to see this experiment and how far it goes. Nick Wright tells Dan that...Read More
  • 01/13/21 DPS Best Of

    On today’s Dan Patrick Show, DP starts tp look ahead toward this weekend’s playoff matchups. Which AFC team has the best shot at knocking off the Chiefs? Former NFL Lineman Ross Tucker joins us to discuss. Football...Read More
  • 01/13/21 DPS Hour 1 Ross Tucker

    Ross Tucker tells Dan that Lamar Jackson said he doesn’t like playing in snow. Ross says the first rule about playing in snow and the snow club is to not talk about playing in snow and the...Read More
  • 01/13/21 DPS Hour 2 Nate Burleson

    Nate Burleson talks to Dan about what it was like for the him to broadcast a game on the Nickelodeon Channel. Nate tells Dan the the Texans have to find a way to keep Lamar Jackson and...Read More
  • 01/13/21 DPS Hour 3 Chris Mannix

    Chris Mannix talks to Dan about his days a a ball boy in the NBA. Chris says that the Rockets have offers for Harden but they will maximize his value by waiting closer to the trade deadline....Read More
  • 01/12/21 DPS Best Of

    On Today’s Dan Patrick Show, DP recaps last night’s National Title Game. How much of a leap did Devonta Smith make in the NFL Draft with his performance. We’re joined by ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, who tells us...Read More
  • 01/12/21 DPS Hour 1

    Dan talks about the openings in the NFL. Dan Says the Philly job is not a good opening for a head coach. Learn more about your ad-choices at More
  • 01/12/21 DPS Hour 2 Sal Paolantonio

    Sal Paolantonio tells Dan that he knows Pederson pretty well. Sal says who ever replaces Pederson is walking into a home cooked quarterback controversy. Learn more about your ad-choices at More
  • 01/12/21 DPS Hour 3 Bruce Arians

    Bruce Arians tells Dan how he gets along with Tom Brady. Bruce coached 2 years at Alabama, but says he still watched the National Championship Game as a coach and not a fan. Learn more about your...Read More
  • 01/11/21 DPS Best Of

    On today’s Dan Patrick Show, DP recaps Wildcard in the NFL. How hurt the Steelers and Seahawks in their first round exits? What do the Browns need to do to get past the Chiefs next week? NBC’s Chris Simms...Read More
  • 01/11/21 DPS Hour 1 Chris Simms

    Chris Simms talks to Dan about the outlook for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Chris tells Dan that he believes that Big Ben comes back for one more year. Learn more about your ad-choices at More
  • 01/11/21 DPS Hour 2 Ed Bouchette

    Ed Bouchette tells Dan that this may not be the end of the era for Big Ben. Ed Says that this could be the end of an era for the Steelers and says why would Big Ben...Read More
  • 01/11/21 DPS Hour 3 Brady Quinn

    Brady Quinn talks to Dan about his excitement to see the Cleveland Browns defeat the Steelers. Brady tells Dan how he kept his wife awake to explain to her the importance of the Brown’s win. Learn more...Read More
  • 01/08/21 – DPS – Best Of

    On Today’s Dan Patrick Show, DP has some more information about the National Title game between Alabama and Ohio State Monday. Is the Big Ten still advocating to push the game back? Sean Salisbury, Houston Sports host...Read More

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